NSA is watching you

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The NSA is still spying on you—so why did Americans stop caring?
I can say for a fact that my email inbox is stuffed with a ton of emails double or triple sent from anyone from a friend, to the survey company listed above. So in order to capture the message it retransmits the message along with the original. Navy, and is now developed and maintained by Appelbaum and his colleagues. Lets assume you are not a terrorist, or a drug dealer, or doing anything you shouldn't be doing. How to tell if the NSA is watching you.

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The NSA Is Watching You Masturbate Right Now

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Documents leaked by ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden indicate that at this very moment, your webcam has been activated and has been taken over by NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander, who is watching and judging you as you click on video clip after video clip of hardcore pornography across numerous websites. Jan 15,  · Der Spiegel did not cite sources for its extensive look at how the NSA tracks and captures its information, though it has used Snowden as a source in the past. Laura Poitras, a journalist and documentary filmmaker who was instrumental in bringing Snowden's NSA documents to light, is also one of the story's xlusive.mltion: Senior Features Writer. May 11,  · In recent months, the release of classified documents from the NSA insider, Edward Snowden, has made many Americans wonder if the NSA is watching Author: iOverview Commentary & News Review.