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And the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court has expressed deep skepticism about settlements that provide no benefits to class members. For example, if a site publishes significant duplicate content it may get a reduced crawl priority and get filtered out of the search results. U Unethical SEO Some search engine marketers lacking in creativity try to market their services as being ethical, whereas services rendered by other providers are somehow unethical. Retrieved May 23, They also have a program called Google Notebook which allows you to write mini guides of related links and information.

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The search engine company previously retained the data for for 13 months. Microsoft makes search query data anonymous after 18 months by permanently removing cookie IDs, the entire IP address and other identifiers from search terms. Ixquick states that it deletes users' search data including IP addresses within 48 hours.

Ixquick further states that it does not set any uniquely identifying cookies, and that it shares data with 3rd parties only in limited circumstances. Suite Washington, DC Search Engine Privacy Background Resources News Introduction Internet search engines are the primary means by which individuals access Internet content. The UK has released a statement of intent describing a forthcoming bill that would make major revisions to the the country's data protection law.

The new rules would follow the EU's General Data Protection Regulation by strengthening rules for obtaining consent, making it easier for consumers to withdraw consent, and improving consumers' ability to access, move, and remove data about themselves.

The bill would also expand the definition of "personal data" to include DNA and IP addresses and would make it a crime to re-identify individuals from anonymized data. EPIC supported the GDPR and the right to be forgotten , has explained that IP addresses are personal data, and has warned of the risks of improperly "de-identified" data.

EPIC recently filed a complaint asking the FTC to investigate Google's use of a proprietary, secret algorithm Google claims can "de-identify" consumers while tracking their purchases. The Advocate General, top advisor to the European Court of Justice , has issued an opinion today about Internet anonymity. He found that dynamic IP addresses are personal data subject to data protection law. The opinion concerns the case of German pirate party politician and privacy activist Patrick Breyer who is suing the German government over logging visits to government websites.

The opinion is not legally binding but "is usually a good indication of how the court will eventually rule". EPIC has supported Internet anonymity since the s and brought a similar challenge to the US government tracking of users of government website. A reasonable jury could conclude that Google's "deceitful override of the plaintiffs' cookie blockers" constitutes a "serious invasion of privacy" under California law.

The appeals court also held that tracked URLs could constitute "content" under the federal Wiretap Act, though it ultimately upheld the dismissal of all federal law claims for other reasons. According to a new survey , nine out of ten voters in the United States want the right to delete links to personal information. Those voters say they would support a U. Last May the top court in the European Union established the "right to be forgotten" as a fundamental right, protected by the EU Constitution.

EU citizens may require search companies to remove personal information that is inadequate, irrelevant, and inaccurate. The Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with Google over allegations that the company unfairly charged parents millions of dollars for their children's in-app purchases.

The settlement mandates that Google provides full refunds for unauthorized purchases. The FTC agreement will be subject to public comments. Comments are due October 6, The Commission has previously settled charges with Apple and sued Amazon for charging parents for their kids unauthorized in-app purchases. For more information, see EPIC: A federal judge reviewing a proposed class action settlement in a case concerning Google's disclosure of user data to third parties has said "it doesn't pass the smell test.

The consumer privacy organization wrote to the judge when the settlement was first proposed and again last week , before the final fairness hearing. The groups cited the skepticism expressed by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts about a similar privacy settlement. EPIC, joined by leading consumer protection organizations, has asked a federal judge to reject a proposed class action settlement in In re Google Referrer Header Litigation.

The settlement requires no substantial change in Google's business practices and provides no benefit to class members. EPIC wrote to the same judge last year when the settlement was first proposed, urging him not to approve.

And the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court has expressed deep skepticism about settlements that provide no benefits to class members. The judge in the Google care will rule on the settlement August The agency stated that it "systematically monitors compliance" with its consumer protection orders and that it "takes alleged violation[s] of an order seriously," but that it cannot publicly disclose details of its investigations until a formal complaint is issued.

In , Google was sued for sharing user web browsing information with advertisers. Under the proposed settlement agreement , Google will distribute several million dollars to a handful of organizations, many of which already have ties to the company. EPIC and other privacy organizations urged the Commission to formally object because the proposed agreement "confers no monetary relief to class members, compels no change in Google's behavior, and misallocates the cy pres distribution.

Facebook , an unfair class action settlement in the Ninth Circuit. For more information see EPIC: EPIC, along with a group of consumer privacy organizations, has asked the Federal Trade Commission to object to an unfair class action settlement in California federal court. EPIC and other privacy organizations have argued that the proposed agreement "confers no monetary relief to class members, compels no change in Google's behavior, and misallocates the cy pres distribution" to organizations that are "not aligned with the interests of class members and do not further the purpose of the litigation.

The agency filed a similar objection in Fraley v. The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that police conducted an unconstitutional search when they used an IP address to obtain subscriber information from an Internet Service Provider without legal authorization. In its analysis, the Court described information privacy as "control over, access to and use of information.

A federal judge in California has approved a settlement agreement in a lawsuit against Google that will allow the company to continue to sell data about users' browsing history to advertisers. EPIC and several other consumer privacy organizations objected to the settlement , stating that it requires no change in Google's business practices and provides no benefit to those on whose behalf the case was brought.

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