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Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. After speaking with CPFlight, I agree that this is an avionics software issue. Adam Simpson's full post-match media conference A host of new faces lined up for both sides for the first time at Leederville Oval, with Power draftee Dom Barry a standout after returning from the football wilderness. Even though the images on the CPFlight website show the white vinyl covers on all the non-locking switches, my overhead did not come with them. All of the switches on the overhead function and feel exactly like the real Honeywell counterparts, which adds immense value and realism to my cockpit! I was extremely pleased to find thick, custom-cut polystyrene foam sheets protecting all of the switches and knobs. Port Adelaide appears intent to deny Geelong control of the ball tonight.

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Many people may still not be aware of the fact that such technology actually exists. And, the retractable lights are accurate three-position switches. The gauges in overhead panels are where most simulator companies cut corners. I can understand why. Gauges can make up a large portion of the cost of a realistic overhead panel. They are fully operational, backlit, interfaced, use accurate color and fonts, and have easy to read faces.

The gauges are all protected behind clear plastic lenses and have detailed bezels. Just like the real aircraft, these switches will kick back to OFF when the correct conditions occur, such as during starter cutout.

The engine start switches require you to push in to turn them away from OFF. This is accurate to the plane and was a very unexpected surprise! Just one more thing I love about this product. Each one can be pressed in to test the lights behind it. This is exactly how the real overhead works as well. All of the annunciators are lit by LEDs and the blue ones such as the engine and anti-ice have accurate dim and bright settings.

Now, if you look closely at a few of the pictures in this article, you might notice something that took me a few minutes to catch. Where are all the white switch covers? Even though the images on the CPFlight website show the white vinyl covers on all the non-locking switches, my overhead did not come with them.

It turns out that CPFlight no longer includes these covers and had not updated their website yet. And with good luck, they fit perfectly! These vinyl switch caps not only make the switches more visible, but your fingers do not slip off as easily as the bare metal. They have a long thin shaft with no bulbous head. This required a little creativity to add the white covers. I then used a hair dryer to soften them up and was able to slowly slip them on. I also noticed that one of my annunicators had an incorrect label on it.

This was quickly fixed, so keep reading…. Next, I went to install the overhead panel into the rear cover and ran into a small issue. The hole in the panel where the hinge bolts go was too small and needed to be drilled out a little bit.

No big deal, but unexpected. Once the overhead panel is on the hinges, there are long metal standoffs that are used to hold the panel closed at the lower front edges. These standoffs are bolted inside the rear cover like so:. But, I must have become carried away, tightened one of them too much, and snapped the end off!

Be very careful with these standoffs as they are nearly impossible to find. I was worried about breaking the annunciator when I swapped in the correct label face, but it was super easy. A little flick with a utility knife at the edge and it cleanly popped right off. I used two tiny dabs of super glue and stuck the new one right into place in no time at all. They even included a replacement annunciator housing and springs in case I ever need them.

And this was at no cost to me! When power is applied to the overhead, you will hear all the gauges doing a quick self-test. There is some lag between the gauges and ProSim After speaking with CPFlight, I agree that this is an avionics software issue.

Even the CPFlight test software moves the needles quite fast. The backlighting is warm white, has great coverage, and matches my other CPFlight devices perfectly. You may notice the backlight color is not accurate to the real plane. The actual Boeing uses tiny incandescent light bulbs which create a warmer, orange color instead.

I will look into correcting this at a later time. The on-board PANEL dimmer knob controls the backlighting and is turned on and off by the appropriate aircraft condition. Both the electrics and pressurization panels have working and correctly-colored segmented LED readouts. The CPFlight overhead panel and rear cover together are quite bulky and awkward to handle, so mounting them required some special considerations.

Simply enough, I had to measure and drill out my own mounting holes in the CPFlight back cover. Then, I used spare 8mm bolts and washers that came with the stand to lock it down.

Once everything was mounted, the rear edge of the overhead cover is about To route the power and USB cables down to your MIP, there are two small square holes on the rear and forward sides of the overhead cover. I have not done this yet, so my transformer is currently strapped to the side of the support stand mostly out of view. After using the overhead for a few flights, I noticed very strange behavior when it came to the fourth panel column.

When enough annunciators were turned on, all annunicators in that panel would start randomly flashing. If I turned on one of the Pitot Heat switches, it usually turned off enough lights to fix the problem, but that was simply a workaround.

I worked with CPFlight support for weeks on this issue. Dozens of emails, photos, videos were exchanged and countless tests were run.

They even sent me special firmware to try. However, it finally culminated in me removing the fourth column panel and shipping it back to CPFlight in Italy. When I did get the panel out, I found a tiny loose spring was stuck to the back of the electromagnetic Wing Anti-Ice switch. Claudio is the sales side of CPFlight. He speaks Italian, but communicated well in English, answered quickly, and was always friendly even through a barrage of my questions. Paolo is the support side of CPFlight.

He took great care and pride in making sure I had the best service possible. And, the CPFlight forward overhead panel does this beautifully. The switches and knobs are all fantastic to handle. Learning to operate real locking switches was brand new and took a while to master, but what fun! There is something about doing an action and seeing a reaction while sitting in the simulator cockpit. The operation of the CPFlight overhead has been magnificent and the quality is stunning. And, the whole thing only takes up a single USB port on my PC, so when get the matching aft overhead, it will use the existing connection.

And it does make a big difference when I have been triggering failures as the overhead is almost mandatory for them. It may possibly be the most expensive overhead out there short of professional components, but I feel it is worth it. Like my other CPFlight hardware, this is another fantastic addition to the cockpit building adventure and should be on your short list when considering a forward overhead panel. Just trying to get a concept of what to allow for.

I would imagine so as they are the correct size.

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