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Xroxy is not a proxy server in itself. There are several paid websites which let you access blocked websites using a proxy. Instant communication, anytime, anywhere Break the email chain with instant messaging and crystal clear video calls for 1: Hey Lori, Thank you for your valuable information. Some malware in your system might prevent the access of specific websites like facebook. Proxy Site

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16 Ways to Open & Access Facebook when it is Blocked

Finding Facebook proxies you can use can be a little bit problematic as things change quickly. This is why some websites feature great lists of public proxies you can use that are updated daily. To keep up with the best proxies, bookmark the list, not the proxy. The secure and lightweight Proxy Site is a Glype-based facebook proxy website that works wonders. With this proxy, users can manage all advanced options, with the addition of blocking cookies and preventing images from loading. New Facebook proxy sites to help you surf anonymously online and unblock YouTube and Facebook at school or work. New TLS / SSL Facebook proxy sites for secure encrypted web browsi.