How to Block Skype

Block Skype on Router

Block Skype connections
This didnt seem to work. Small Business - Chron. Similar help and support threads Thread Forum Can I block streaming on my wireless router? Help answer questions Learn more. Sparr0w Window 7 Ultimate x86 2 posts. Ping DG Default Gateway 2. It worked years ago.

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How to Block Skype on a Router

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To block a contact and report abuse: Go to the Contacts or Recent tab, right-click the contact’s name and select Block This Person In the message box, tick Remove from your Contact list if you wish to remove that person from your contacts. If you want to alert Skype and report the contact, tick Report abuse. Jun 28,  · It is notoriously difficult, and virtually impossible, to block Skype due to the way it operates. It is capable of utilising multiple protocols and can dynamically assign ports for its use if others are blocked. Mar 06,  · In reply to: Blocking Skype Access the router's setup and create an outbound filter. You can designate specific IP blocking .