How to Set Access Control of the Internet with Firewall on modem router (self-developed UI)?

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How do I open ports on my TP-Link wireless Router?
Support Where to Buy. Enter the IP address range on your network that you want to block access to. After these configuration,you can access the two devices using different External ports Service Ports. Log in to your router's web management page. Business Wireless Takes your enterprise Wi-Fi to new levels. Create the rule according to your requirement.

How to set up access control for website blocking on TP-Link Wireless Router (older green UI)?

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Open your web browser and type the LAN IP address of the router in the address bar (the default IP address of TP-Link Modem router is http: //), then press Enter. When you are prompted, enter the routerĀ“s username and password (the default username and password are both admin). This item TP-Link TL-RT+ Dual WAN Firewall Router TP-Link SafeStream TL-RVPN Gigabit Broadband Desktop VPN Router, M NAT throughput, 10k Concurrent Sessions, DHCP Clients, 20 VPN Tunnels TP-LINK TL-RT+ 5-port Load Balance Broadband Router, 3 Configurable WAN/LAN ports, 1 LAN, 1 WAN. If the WAN IP Address of the router is not a public IP Address,but a Private IP Address,that means there is another NAT device connected to the WAN Port of the TP-Link router,you need open the service ports on that device as well.