Why do I get the Failed to connect to Hamachi network adapter error?


Fix: Hamachi Does Not Work in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7
Feedback Please tell us how we can make this article more useful. ParallelsCares reinstalling does not resolve the issue Issue does not exist with Teamviewer or Logmein so I can say itsnt connection. If you have any questions or comments, just reach for the comments section. Users reported that uninstalling their VPN fixed the problem, so you might want to try that. Welcome to LogMeIn Support! Search the Knowledge Base Reset Search.

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Hamachi requires certain services to be running in order to work properly. Sometimes these services can become disabled on your PC, but you can enable them with ease.

Make sure that you have the latest version of Hamachi installed before trying the following steps:. If the service is already running, stop it, wait for a couple of seconds and start it again. After restarting the service, the issue should be resolved completely. This is a pretty simple solution, but according to some users, it works. To run Hamachi as an administrator just do the following:.

If this method works, you might want to set Hamachi to always run with administrative privileges. To do that, follow these steps:. After doing that, Hamachi will always start with administrative privileges and your problem should be resolved.

First, you need to uninstall Hamachi from your computer. After doing that, you need to remove all Hamachi-related entries from your registry.

According to users, sometimes a simple restart can fix the problem, so be sure to try that. However, you might be able to fix this problem simply by updating the necessary drivers. To do that, just follow these simple steps:. Now Windows will try to install the driver. Once the driver is installed, check if the problem still persists. Users reported that uninstalling their VPN fixed the problem, so you might want to try that.

According to users, the issue was caused by Dell VPN client, but after removing it, the problem was completely resolved. If you want to remove all files associated with your VPN, we strongly recommended that you use a dedicated uninstaller such as Revo Uninstaller or IOBit Uninstaller to remove the problematic application.

After removing your VPN, the problem should be resolved and Hamachi will start working again. If you have problems with Hamachi and its drivers, you might be able to fix the problem by installing Hamachi as a legacy hardware. Before we can install Hamachi as legacy hardware, we need to remove its driver by doing the following:.

I hope at least one of these solutions helped you to solve the problem with Hamachi in Windows You can then start turning devices on, one by one, until the conflict is found. If it is not named Hamachi, then rename it to Hamachi and try running the application again.

Make sure that Network Connection Hamachi is activated. You may need to check your network adapter for Winsock issues. More information on Winsock can be found here. If none of the above helps, then there is something on your system that is overriding default access control for system drivers, in which case you need to isolate and disable this component. In some cases, Windows fails to properly install the network adapter and there is no Hamachi adapter listed in the Network connections folder.

In this case, you may have to manually reinstall the network adapter as follows: If it displays the currently installed devices, scroll down to the bottom. If it is not there, go to the next step.

Browse to the installation folder, and select the setup information file for your system. Windows XP, Vista, , 7, and R2 hamdrv. Windows 8 and above Finish the installation of the adapter. Please consult your anti-virus software documentation for assistance with adding an exclusion to the allowed list. Is this article helpful? Feedback Please tell us how we can make this article more useful.

Is this article helpful?

Ask questions, get answers and share your knowledge about LogMeIn Hamachi. Make sure the LogMeIn software is not being blocked by a firewall on the host computer. You will need to allow LogMeIn to make connections in the firewall rules. For details, see LogMeIn and Firewalls. Hamachi gateway not working – This is one of more serious Hamachi errors that you can encounter. However, you should be able to fix it by using one of our solutions. However, you should be able to fix it by using one of our solutions.