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Complementing a focus on news and current affairs, ZDF is also particularly successful with documentaries, fiction and sports programmes, and has proved able to defend a leading position in the highly competitive environment of currently over 40 German public or commercial free-to-air TV channels.

ZDFInfo is all about fast, comprehensive and up to date informational programs. Informations programm des ZDF - schnell, umfangreich und aktuell. Topics of the Channel: Morality, Discussions about spiritual aspects , Culture and music , Vegetarian and vegetarian - vegan cooking classes , and Program for children.

Thank you for your request. You can find recorded shows in your account page. Germany's sole subscription channel Premiere had its heyday around the millennium. Premiere offered telecasts of the German football league — the Bundesliga. The "Bundesliga" was Premiere's cash-cow, but they lost the broadcasting rights in to a newly formed competitor — Arena. Premiere was the brainchild of the former television czar, Leo Kirch. He went into insolvency after a decade of losing viewers from his subscription channel, DF1 Digital TV 1.

The company regained some ground with its new manager Georg Kofler. It is trying to get viewers back by purchasing new international shows and then introducing them to German viewers ABC 's Lost was first shown on Premiere.

Kofler and Kirch bought international movies from American film studios in advance so they could broadcast them one year after their release.

Normally, American movies are shown on non-subscription free-TV channels three years after their release. Premiere offers a combination of multiple channels featuring Animal Planet , the Discovery Channel and the Disney Channel ; plus several themed channels for music, crime and sport. Arena, a rather small company, wanted to buy the pay-TV rights to the German Bundesliga and won by a decision of the marketing directorate of the DFL.

The rights to broadcast the Bundesliga is regarded as lucrative in the German television market, so previous rights holders Premiere suffered a wounding blow to their business model. Arena held the rights from to Further negotiations were due in for the broadcasting of the Bundesliga. As stated above, the ARD was the first German broadcasting station. It has a federally orientated structure.

Seven of these broadcasters run their own regional TV programs The Third , most of them use several frequencies and show local opt-outs. North and South, WDR: Some small regions, such as Bremen RB and the Saarland SR , have their own broadcasting stations, mainly for historical reasons.

Germany has run a regular Teletext service since 1 June on the public broadcasting channels. Almost all German TV stations have teletext. Digital satellite television has been officially available in Germany since Prior to being known as Sky, the service was named Premiere; [14] it along with its former owner Leo Kirch got into serious financial trouble due to its early and proprietary usage of encryption Betacrypt, D-box.

These were intended to be a test for future commercial HD services. Premiere, after several delays, started broadcasting three HD channels — one each dedicated to films , sports and documentaries — in November , although there were virtually no suitable, certified receivers available on the market. The content was also sparse and thus often repeated.

Sky formerly Premiere reuses its proprietary digital rights management system embedded into its content scrambling system Nagravision from SD broadcasts to block analogue output of the movie channel from the receiving set-top box altogether, only allowing HDCP -secured transmissions; the other channels are less restricted. As of July , most material is upscaled SD content. Cable transmission is still mostly analog with usually about 30 available channels.

The rather late changeover to DVB was caused both by the long process of selling the infrastructure of former monopolist Deutsche Telekom to others and the fact that the cable network ends at the curb or property, with the in-house cable in large apartment buildings being operated by a different company.

Due to this, the new owners of Deutsche Telekom's cable network were in many cases not able to offer new products directly to the viewer.

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. KIKA. KiKA is a free, public, non-commercial television channel based in Erfurt, Germany, the Children's Channel of ARD and ZDF. Its intended audience is children and youth, and it is generally watched by children 3 to Television in Germany began in Berlin on 22 March , broadcasting for 90 minutes three times a week. It was the first public television station in the world, named Fernsehsender Paul German television market had approximately million television households in , making it the largest television market in Europe. Nowadays, 95% of German .