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Reinstallation or update causes Firefox to hang. Greasemonkey scripts do not work on sites blocked by NoScript. Although it will significantly increase the amount of time to complete a trigger job, I recommend that you reassemble and test the revolver after sanding and polishing each part. Hammer shims and trigger shims will center the hammer and trigger in the frame and prevent dragging. Because of its high area under the curve for small nodules under 10 mm , use of the Brock model is recommended. For the record, displaying a message box does nothing but annoy and sour users against your site; most sites opt to display a message in-page HTG tries to do both, but only the annoying pop-up works. Updating extensions can solve many problems.

Introduction to Adblock Plus filters

Problematic extensions

Memory leak when used in conjunction with Filterset. Update or uninstall and install Forecastfox l10n. There are unconfirmed reports that there are also memory problems with versions 0. Causes excessive CPU usage with Firefox 2. Free Download Manager Firefox extension. Download and install the latest version FDM 2. The FDM extension v 1. May cause notably increased disk usage in gigabytes by creating large log files. May cause periodic Firefox freezes.

Google Toolbar Also available from the "official" Google Toolbar home page Google toolbars are also bundled with other software. If the Google Toolbar is uninstalled, mail links may stop working in Firefox. If uninstalled, use about: Google Toolbar is not and will not be supported by Google for Firefox 5 and above. Greasemonkey scripts do not work on sites blocked by NoScript. Disable, or use a JavaScript replacement. Can cause sessions to time out. Uninstall illimitux and reset network.

Gray bar below the status bar with red arrow. This extension is on the Add-ons Blocklist. Firefox crashes at startup. This can occur after updating Firefox, if add-on compatibility checking is turned off or if the extension erroneously marks itself as compatible.

In Firefox beta 4. McAfee is rewriting code to prevent future delays []. Messages like "Exc in ev handl: Bad NPObject as private data! The reason for a lot of these problems is probably because 3. Uninstall and reinstall is probably best to avoid future problems. Then Reinstall from http: When installing refuse other suggested crapware applications.

Can cause Unresponsive Script Warning. Causes the error message, Trying to load a non-local URI. To restore the user agent, type about: Allows incompatible extensions and themes to run; these incompatible add-ons can cause problems.

Do not block websites that have embedded Windows Media if you want to be able to play the media. FlashBlock requires JavaScript to work to block flash ads. Greasemonkey scripts require JavaScript. Flash and other plugin content is blocked by default on untrusted sites, even content from trusted sites e.

The real Numbered Links extension is harmless. See this forum topic for more information. Can prevent YouTube videos from playing and Firefox may stop responding at exit.

Fixed in version 1. May cause various issues including problems with form submission, embedded Flash , or images not loading after a refresh or revisit to the page. May cause the Firefox 3 "Bookmark this Page" dialog to appear when clicking the Bookmarks menu item. Updating to Firefox 3. If the problem persists, disable the extension or remove it in RealPlayer preferences see above.

Skype Extension for Firefox This extension is installed as an option when Skype is installed. Firefox may start with error messages and may run slowly. Google maps or other images may not load. GMail reply fails and may show "Unable to load the rich text editor". Direct links to images or PDF files may cause the error, The image cannot be displayed because it contains errors. Web pages may continually refresh or stop loading.

Firefox may stop responding or hang at exit , resulting in an "already running but is not responding" error or problems with bookmarks, history, and toolbar buttons due to a locked Places database when you next restart Firefox. Extension versions prior to 3.

Update Skype to the latest version. If Norton 2. As a workaround, either disable Phishing Protection in Norton or remove the Norton toolbar from Firefox details here. Gray bar below the status bar at the bottom of the screen which reads: Uninstall TBP and install it directly from the author's website. ThinkVantage Password Manager Extension. The Uninstall option may be greyed out, if the extension was installed via a Windows Registry entry. May cause a "Failure in chrome registration" error when starting Firefox.

In Windows Vista, exiting Firefox, right clicking the Firefox icon and selecting "Run as administrator" may resolve the issue; if not, use the workaround. Disable or uninstall the extension from Firefox Safe Mode if necessary if you don't need it. Firefox crashes when opening a pop-up window. Caused by the latest Lenovo Client Security update.

By now, the habitat must be significantly better in places where goats have been excluded. This may be the world's most desirable bird to observe in the wild, and it should be twitchable without causing disturbance.

If you don't speak Portuguese, start studying NOW. The Pimsleur course of 90 lessons is an excellent place to begin. Unless you are extremely lucky, you will need expert help finding the bird. The region is criss-crossed by unmarked dirt roads, some of which require a high-clearance vehicle. I have seen the future of the bird field guide, and it is not a book. This is a landmark in the ongoing changeover from heavy, paper field guides to digital guides read in the field on tablets and other portable devices.

This guide's only weakness is its lack of painted color plates, but the photographs are mostly very good to excellent, and a new Birds of Ecuador illustrated by Robin Restall is scheduled for release later this year.

At home, I find it preferable to read the digital guide in landscape mode on my desktop computer. For full-page viewing, you will need a monitor support that easily pivots from landscape horizontal mode to portrait vertical mode. My other monitor a Dell is on the included stand that pivots, though not easily. Simply open the field guide in Kindle, then in Change Display Settings, change the Orientation of your monitor from Landscape to Portrait flipped.

For travel and field use, until folding or expanding tablets become available, ten-inch tablets offer the best compromise between screen size and portability. I prefer the open, non-proprietary Android platform, but Samsung, the leading Android tablet producer, now offers nothing comparable to the display on the iPad Pro 9.

I bought the GB version, which has enough storage capacity to take all the available reference works on any bird trip. The format of Birds of Western Ecuador offers excellent usability. Each page of text includes about four to six species accounts, with range maps in the left margin. Color photographs are on the next page. In many instances, illustrations of the last species on a text page are placed at the bottom of the text page. The text font is Times New Roman, a popular book font but not ideal for digital viewing.

A sans serif font such as Arial or Verdana would have been a better choice. As digital overtakes print, publishers should scrap the old conventions of paper publishing and choose what works best on a color screen. Species headings are bold white text on brownish backgrounds, with a darker background for the species numbers. I endorse the practice of starting species numbers on each page at 1, since digital viewers are unlikely to become confused, and pages can't stick together.

Also, single digits occupy less space on the plates than two or three digit species numbers. If you can't find a bird in the species accounts, don't panic. Simply jump to Appendix I: Species Not Included, starting at page I was shocked that the extent of deforestation and seafood factory farming have reached a point that Boat-billed Heron, Agami Heron, Harpy Eagle, and White-crowned Manakin are on the list of Extirpated and Possibly Extirpated Species and likely gone from the Pacific Slope of Ecuador.

Due to space limitations, the species accounts provide essential information for field identification but not much more. Some useful site suggestions are included, such as Pale-breasted Tinamou and Ochre-bellied Dove occasionally visiting feeders at Jorupe Reserve. Since any bird book can be scanned and loaded into a tablet, most birders are likely to have additional resources available in their devices, though not in an easily usable format.

As an example of helpful, distinguishing details, see the Double-banded Graytail account p. Gray-mantled Wren tends to creep along branches, while Double-banded Graytail clings to leaves, gleaning insects from them. I had forgotten how closely immature Black-and-Chestnut Eagle resembles Crested Eagle until seeing the excellent photo of a soaring immature S. As the authors advise, "any sightings of Crested Eagle in W [or elsewhere where S.

Nick Athamas's spectacular photo of Sapayoa looks like an African Broadbill in shape and size, though of course not in plumage. It builds a hanging nest like a Broadbill, as you can see from the authors' photographs.

The authors note that the voice of the Colombian Crake is known only from the distress call of a mist-netted bird. Field guides need to be designed to work as well on screen as Birds of Western Ecuador.

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Current Adblock Plus versions allow you to "tweak" your filters in many different ways. This document explains the choices that you have and how they can be used. uBlock Origin (/ ˈ j uː b l ɒ k / "you-block") is a free and open-source, cross-platform browser extension for content-filtering, including extension is available for several browsers: Safari (beta), Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. uBlock Origin has received praise from technology websites, and is reported to be much less . I would like to be able to detect if the user is using adblocking software when they visit my website. If they are using it, I want to display a message asking them to turn it off in order to support the project, like this website does.. If you enter to that site and your browser has some kind of adblock software enabled, then the site instead of showing the .