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KR language on EUW doesn't work, unless someone found a different way. I am not a native Taiwanese so I have no knowledge at all in Taiwanese phonetics and it is a pain in the ass to search for a champion in champ select. So I found a fix on league forums! You are leaving LeagueofLegends. I don't know maybe rito is racist.

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Hungarian is only avaible on EUNE. I've got FR on NA at the mo? Might help that that got carried over from the old client, though. This is actually pretty good, sucks that it came around the time LVOC still worked without having to stick to the legacy client.

But I'm not sure how to get it to work on the new client. Someone commented it above. I take it back, it doesn't work. It just comes up with an error saying something along the lines of "Region not available" and then goes into a loop. Unfortunately, chinese is the only language not availabe, because there is some other publisher in china. Which really sucks, since korean doesn't work all of my korean friends me included are using the old client still, and are "dreading" the day old client disappears.

You can use LoLReplay to change your client language on both the new and old client. They merged with LSI who gave the option to change languages freely. Look at my comment: I have tried to change the language in the Korean server alpha client from Korean to English and it will not work as of now. The only way for me to play in English is to revert back to the Legacy client and change that to English. This is the same solution as before the alpha client was introduced.

I tried doing the locale. When installing KLoL, complete everything including updating to the alpha client in Korean. Changing to English first caused me to get the log error. Then to play in English you must change the language in " Open the New Korean League client, click on the bottom right yellow. If you want to get the alpha client to go from Korean to English, its not going to work.

I have tried many different ways, and all of them either gets an error, or changes back to Korean. But how can you change the client to English, but still be able to see the Japanese characters? I play on Japanese server live there , but since I prefer to see the item names in English, I want the client to be in English, but if I change via this method, Japanese characters become boxes and I cannot talk with teammates anymore Doesn't work for me.

I'm playing on KR and just want to have my client in English, but it looks like it's impossible I'm from Brazil but got used to the English client and the old way of changing the language wasn't changing anything! I still have no idea why would not Riot allow us to change locale to english on Russian server without editing config files. Riot refused to do anything about it, so are players.

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The main problem is that League doesn't allow you to switch to a language that there is not. So I found a fix on league forums! Navigate to this folder: Up vote if Helpful. Want to add to the discussion? I can read Traditional Chinese but the problem is that the champions are not sorted alphabetically, but rather by Taiwanese phonetics. Think of Korean server, they have Garen, Gangplank and Galio at the beginning of the list while in English client you have Aatrox and Ahri.

I am not a native Taiwanese so I have no knowledge at all in Taiwanese phonetics and it is a pain in the ass to search for a champion in champ select. Now to solve this problem I can change the client language to English by modifying some parameters in language property files. It is easily accessible in the old client and takes like 10 seconds to do.

However this is not feasible in the new client. Allowing language selection would benefit a lot of players playing overseas as well as helping pro players practice at local servers during world championship probably. Some other things, I think it would be better to have the old mastery page layout where you can just switch pages in 1 click while editing, rather than the current drop-down list.

Bringing back public chat would be nice too. Must be level 7 or higher to post a comment. Switch to Chronological View.

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Jun 22,  · I'm really confused and unsure how to find and download the chinese League of Legends client. Can someone help me clear up some things on whether it's available and if so where? Sure, ive played the chinese LoL, and got to lv Hey, Is there a way to change the language in new Chinese Client to english, it worked with the old one but I cant get it to work with the new. Does anyone have a tip or suggestion? I would really aprreciate it. Thank you for your help and have a nice day. Good day, I was hoping to get some information regarding language switching in the new client. For instance if I want to play on my Latin America North (LAN) account i have to use third party methods (LVOC) to change the language from spanish to english so i understand the buttons on the client.