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Magnet Links
Why is Windows 10 such a pain in the ass Posted October 16, edited. Surely some one has a solution to this problem? I am not trying to downgrade, but this is just one of many kinks I am having. So it's either a bug on my config or my pc, or the said pop up.

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All About Magnet Links and Torrent Files

Did this solve your problem? Sorry this didn't help. Tell us about your experience with our site. VangelisDePortay Created on October 16, Can anyone please explain this to me? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I then found an article that said to insert a certain line of text into Firefox, can't remember what the line was now, but I have inserted a link.

Open it and click the appropriate links I have mentioned in it. This then allowed me to choose what program I wanted to open magnet links with. This will only help if you magnet links don't automatically open up in uTorrent. I would suggest to all of you using any of the 3. I didn't touch the 3. There is a newer version of uTorrent than the one I mentioned, but I'm hanging on a while as this also appears to have a few issues. I saw all the messages telling me to upgrade to "more stable" utorrent 3.

It never wavers, it never starts. Very stable that way. Three different computers, one of them uninstalled and reinstalled v. I read the forums, changed everything that was suggested with no help. I changed them back. I changed ports, Started, Stopped and ForceStarted Nothing would make 3. I tried stuff that seemed logical to me and things that seemed illogical I solved the problem - I uninstalled Version 3. I've done this on two computers, now, and both are working fine with 2.

To get me to go back to a newer version, will require an authoritative explanation of why 3. I found that magnet links weren't starting automatically anymore. I think some settings were reset with my recent upgrade to v3. However, reading through an early response in this thread, I went to the Trackers tab and everything was disabled. Works fine on Chrome here. However, Chrome did start putting up "dangerous site" interstitial warnings at torrent sites at that time.

I'm using Firefox, and have no problem opening a magnet link. But I know what you are talking about, I had that issue in Windows 7, and it was only with magnets, and I never did figure out what was causing it, I just always set magnets to always ask, and chose uTorrent.

In Windows 10, it just literally does nothing. It's weird because I share files in my company in torrents cheaper, and now all of a sudden, it stopped working. I can't get any dialog that asks me what to open it with other than Edge, which will only let me choose to look for apps in the store that all suck.

Have you tried to reinstall or re-associate? Apparently Windows 10 does not even show torrent or magnet in the default files Look at this post, it might give you some insight: Guys, this is ridiculous. I am trying everything, Windows 10 only asks me to find an app in the app store rather than letting me choose my own app. I have checked the registry, I tried that uTorrent link, I tried a reg file, nothing is working!

Why is Windows 10 such a pain in the ass I am not trying to downgrade, but this is just one of many kinks I am having. Not even microsoft has an answer at the moment.

I figured out a solution. I opened regedit and deleted all magnet associations and keys, then I opened my torrent program and disabled magnet links in advanced settings, clicked apply, then reapplied it. Works in every browser now. Thanks to those who've helped. Magnet links don't have a file.

Cutting Out the Middle Man with Magnet Links

Mar 12,  · Hi, In the past couple of days I got about 30 torrents into bittorrent using the magnetin pirate bay. suddenly that magnet isnt working!Any ideas. Okay, so before this post is being removed, let me tell you I have done some research, but haven't found my answer so far. So my issue is that i. Sep 16,  · Then it's either a case of the torrent not being active or something in your setup interfering. Do you have any trackers listed on the trackers tab? Ever since piratebay moved on to magnet only non of their links work in my utorrent Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Firon 3 Firon 3 Advanced Member;.