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I had not been on the account as I was just trying to take care of my mom, my business, etc and so once things quieted down, I tried to access the account and was told that they had deleted confidential e-mails from my business. I suffered through months of working all day on that frankenstein OS until I finally convinced my manager to let me return to XP — which on SP3 blew Vista away. I would also recommend you update your browser to Mozilla FireFox. Too crowded, too hard on the eyes, and it shows too much personal information contents of the emails. The layout is amateurish, the font is terrible, needed user options are negligible, sending and receiving mail reliably is OVER, syncing folders is hit and miss, added accounts show as active but do not actually work.

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Work East Union St. Newark NY work Work Phone: Work North Main St. Cross Park Family Restaurant. Work South Main St. First United Methodist Church. Work West Union St. Work East Miller St. Work Freedom Ave N. Updated 3 months ago. Box Fair St. Updated 3 years ago. Updated 2 years ago. Updated 1 month ago. Updated 4 years ago. Home Emmons St. At my previous job we had outlook and now when I try to sign into what used to be my 'Hotmail account' with my 'Hotmail Password' it keeps telling me I'm using the wrong password because it keeps thinking I'm trying to sign into my old job outlook account.

How is it possible that Microsoft can get it so wrong. Why tamper with something that has been working very well until now? By the comments below I can see I'm not the only one feeling this way either.

Hi, I'm totally confused! I don't know where my hotmail account has gone and I can't seem to find it anymore. When needing to canvass for an email from one of my Outook folders, it keeps reloading, making it impossible to retrieve files beyond what I can see before scrolling down! I forgot I had Hotmail acct. Like how to delete multiple emails or delete junk mail. And what happened to my contacts?

All are gone except my brother and 3 friends. I bused to have over contacts. This is on my Alcatel Android phone. The print is so small as to be unreadable. BTW, I'm switching to Linux on my laptop!!! I remain confused after reading the above.

All of a sudden all this changed. I don't know what to do or where to go but I want out of this stupid site. After many years I wanted to login to Hotmail. What can I tell, except how surprised I was after logging into Outlook to see that all my Hotmails are gone! This is quite harsh even by Microsoft standards. Based on a quick round on Google, I'm not alone with this issue.

Thanks a lot Microsoft, well done! This is happening to me right now! I've always had 1 email address and it's been hotmail. I am missing 13 years worth of emails as I was trying to search for some very important information that I knew I had in email form.

For the last 4 months I have been trying to get support from their many varied support platforms and they have been giving me the scripted run around and I have been tearing my hair out in frustration.

Now googling anywhere I can think of for information. I can't have lost 12 years worth of emails! I'm with you on this one! I too want a reliable email provider that will retain the domain name. The idea of constantly changing my email address forever frosts my behind. I haven't moved residences as often! I just now, August , opened a hotmail email address account.

When you're registering for an outlook account, there's an arrow on the right side end of the box for "username" that says " outlook. You click on it and you can choose hotmail.

I'm in Canada, but that shouldn't matter. I wouldn't think so anyway. I don't know if the outlook I'm using is from windows10, office or what and if its pc based or web based. One of the last updates to windows 10 screwed up my contacts such that the first 50 only have phone numbers and no names. Then a bunch of them have names and email addresses but no phone numbers. Here's a thing, I've created a hotmail account before. Then it was used for a social media account called Facebook. Mind you, I never received any notice in my hotmail account about these changes from hotmail to outlook whatsoever.

My problem started when I've recently change a new device, redownload all apps and I can no longer access to all my apps and stuffs because I can relogin with my only password. I've never changed my password for my wholelife. All the recovering my account process need to be either through my hotmail account or phone number. And when I do try to access my hotmail account, all they said is my account doesn't exists? How is that even possible?

Facebook needed an email confirmation from my hotmail account in order to activate it and be used. If my hotmail account does not exist in the first place, then my Facebook account will never be exist for all these years. Are you guys really going to just shut down all hotmail accounts and leave us in despair? I've tried to recreate my hotmail account, using the same name, same email address, same account info.

And it did not receive even a single email when I'm trying to recover all my social apps and stuff. I'm so disappointed in this. Even my daughther Yahoo account been using for 10years and never have encountered any problem.

And I've created a hotmail account since onwards and I now, no longer have access to my account and recovering process only end with a notice of "this email you've entered does not exist".

You did away with my hotmail and log in. I have no confidence in micro soft any more, the world needs a new operating system. Oh dear, I have always been using what I still call Hotmail, though I picked up it's called outlook as well. I changed from windows to mac. In Mac I have an email, hotmail plus I think a couple of others, whole system called Mac mail, I don't understand what parts of it are Mac and what parts are Hotmail.

To better organise it, I had been trying to give it Rules - and going mad doing it. All the instructions from everywhere were telling me to use something called the Home Tab and Rules, neither of which show up on my system. Actually rather then revolutionise my system and try to do complicated things which will surely go wrong whilst I'm short of time and so I will be cut out of all e mail , I just want first for another urgent reason to introduce the rule that will automatically put certain arriving Mails in the box I want.

So is there a workaround to arrive at and impose new Rules without changing my whole system? I had a hard enough time trying to remember my email and password and now it's telling me that my email is already in use. Thanks to who ever thought this up. Have you nothing better to do with your time, brains and money. Thank you I have lost important information that I had saved in my folders. Yahoo looks better all the time. Please help me out. I am an old fogey who struggles with anything to do with computers.

I am still using Windows Vista which I know is out of date and needs to be replaced shortly however in the short term I need to send some emails. I have tried to open outlook for the first time in quite some time and whilst I can see my emails they are all greyed out and inaccessible.

Can someone tell me if Outlook is no longer available within the windows vista system. Please excuse my terminology but I would like to know whether this problem is short term and something I can sort out myself. How do I get them back?

The "new" Outlook is complete garbage. The layout is amateurish, the font is terrible, needed user options are negligible, sending and receiving mail reliably is OVER, syncing folders is hit and miss, added accounts show as active but do not actually work. I could go on ad nauseum but it really is like a bunch of beginning programmers were put in a room and told "figure it out and if you can't, roll it out anyway".

If this is the best MSFT can do i would short the stock once this Fed inspired hydrogen balloon of a stock market starts down the road back to reality.

You have found out how to run this company in to the ground. Hi there, I recently tried to access my hotmail account. I was prompted to login via outlook - I had heard that outlook was taking over hotmail so proceeded - I was given a "new " email address - that was gmail?

How do I get rid of the 'live: When I receive or send mail it says 'live: Hi, I've been using Gmail for many years now and are completely organised. I do have an Outlook account that originally came with the computer, but that's just a laugh I don't really use it.

We just got this system and it won't give us access to the desktop unless we sing in with their live mail. It is a pain. How do I get the system to just come on without all of this crap! I am having the same problems everyone else is. I have 2 hotmail addresses that I can't access. I have tried to login and keep getting the same stupid "that email address doesn't exist". Thank you Microsoft, you pay people big money to do shit like this. My head hurts but very informative, thank you.

I've just given Hotmail the elbow and gone over to Gmail. Much easier than trying to work out how to sort out all the problems that I now have with Hotmail, sorry Outlook Mail or Outlook eMail etc. Since Microsoft decided to migrate my Hotmail.

Trying to sort this out with Microsoft has now taken me two months and it's still not sorted. Apparently Outlook uses a different service to view attachments which does not work. Tried to add an alias which is impossible with new Interface and ended up causing a security alert on my account and will be able to change in one months time. And these idiots at Microsoft get paid for bringing total confusion to the masses. The new Outlook versus Hotmail is crap!!!! I am slowly changing everything over to my gmail account.

It is sending contacts I have to a junk mail folder, it will not allow me to block some email addresses gives the bullshit excuse, email address doesn't exist. This program is garbage. Next system is definitely an Apple. So done with Microsoft. I loved my Hotmail and had it since the beginning. If your goal is to lose customers, you are doing an outstanding job. I found your history of Outlook helpful. Now I know where it fits in. Now I need a little help to find my way around Outlook as it is now our only email package.

I am so upset with this new system. I can't find my work folders and after having stored over puppies that we have fostered in a file with pictures in special folders they are now gone!! This isn't just stupid it is really heartbreaking to me.

The confusion hasn't ended though, not for me anyway. There seem to be different versions of "Outlook. For example, this M'soft page https: As the owner of an older Outlook client I installed the "connector", but only ran into problems connecting to the outlook. After reading a lot of more pages it turns out that the recent outlook. Exchange ActiveSync instead of DeltaSync. What wording differentiates between outlook.

Then there is "Outlook Anywhere", a way to connect Outlook clients to the current? Confound it - and thats apparently the guiding principle that Microsoft apply to all of their work. I've had my Hotmail since At some point I even added a subscription for it, which I kept until where I had a switch of credit cards and erm..

That subscription service was apparently dismantled. Since then each new upgrade has been a very convincing and unwavering leap towards the Abyss.

Windows 8, which is completely off-topic, was the light at the end of the tunnel even though you had to spend a few minutes replacing the Start menu with an actual menu and flip a few switches to turn off the Tablet mode, but it was apparently not where they wanted to be. Windows 10 is a giant leap backwards, downwards, free fall to the bottom of the bottomless pit, I guess.

It's not getting any lighter or anywhere I would define by anything else than nowhere. I've already been spending more than an hour trying to read a mail from last week. Every time I scroll, a little or a lot, I get the void, that big empty space in my face and always too much. I hate Google, but at least their mail client works a little better, unfortunately that beast is as useless and bloated as their search engine and I just can't get used to the break away from freedom even though it's been gone for so many years.

I really like choice, but for some reason everything is dumbed down and stupe.. All useful words and together they are like the.. Erm, I mean a fellowship of the ring, but I need the ring itself. Nostalgia and old bad habit keep me going back to Hotmail, which is actually Outlook and now not even that anymore. If the Sun went Nova I would be like: Been there, done that.

It's totally incoherent, the pages too pale, and poor structure means you have to hunt around for Inbox mail, and the rest.

I could go on. What was wrong with the previous Hotmail? I liked the old way of finding data using the Go To… certain date. I used this often. I liked hitting a delete the page box at the top of the page to quickly tidy up the inbox. Too messy, to difficult to use folders, too, well, stupid. How do I get my email that was in hotmail? I'm sorry Audrey, I've never run into that problem. Above article is the best way explained, Hotmail, to Outlook - front engine to to rear Guard Man.

My hotmail template changed in real time - I thought someone was taking over my computer - on 11 September Wow, that must've been confusing to have everything change in real-time, haha. Have you switched to a different email service then? If so, which one? Outlook is now, by far, the most useless of my email accounts. It's a good thing I started driving people to my other email address years ago!

The recent change seems like a big misstep on Microsoft's part, according to user reactions. Which email services are you using instead, Uh-Uh? Today, the template totally changed. Seems like each day I need to reverse some permissions I have turned off just to use the internet most surfing is done with my phones at home. Given all that, and this new paranoia and desire for privacy, what do you suggest I do?

I just happened to look at the privacy policy that came with the tablets and discovered they are prewired to report to Samsung. Then discovering tonight that I am not able to sign out of these gmail accounts really has me concerned. I want to do whatever it takes to stop these companies from watching, tracking, reading, recording and truly need your guidance.

Like I said earlier, I have disabled many google bloatware apps including maps call me a privacy freak, lol, no shame here! Is there any way to securely save these emails without printing each and every one of them out, then deleting them from the servers. I gather they will still have copies of all the dang emails but I really need advice and want to start protecting myself and my data asap. I want my privacy back,, or at least as much as possible.

It seems to me that the last decade of web activity and emails cannot be undone but my future can. Any and all help as to be more secure from here on out is welcome. Thanks for all your hard work in creating such an informative site. One last question, is Lookout safe to use or disabke tgstvtoo?. Sorry for all the questions for writing a book. Any advice to fix these issues is very appreciated.

Hushmail is hardly free. I call that a rip-off. Hello Kel, yeah that is definitely true, but they state that during signup. I think when you use free services, you pay in a bigger way like ads and privacy.

I am quite happy to pay thexyz. Following are two of those outstanding services. Lastly, the article is not bad at all, the only loose-end is not mentioning some of the key players. When Hushmail is even listed, much less listed as 1 respecting privacy KeptPrivate is even listed , everything else in the list is suspect. This is a disservice to the few real secure and private purveyors. Hushmail records every incoming and outgoing email. I had many dozens incoming and outgoing emails more than 8 months old downoaded into my inbox at Hushmail with an explanation that I might have need for them — unsolicited.

If privacy and security isof ANY concern, storage of mail is deliberately limited to a very short period of time, and it is then securely erased. Hushmail is the longest running lie of privacy, on the internet.

Thanks for helping keep up the lie. And listing others that are worthless, too. Wow, no links here are affiliate links aside from one. All links are masked so we can get proper tracking on which providers are popular.

A very crude oversight at best. Their canary statement is still within a semi-reasonable time frame as well. The point is that there is no proof that the entire organization is NOT compromised. Well thanks for censoring my comment on that article you mentioned. Freedom has been hacked indeed. Your comment got marked as spam and logged into the que, we only check it every week or so.

Just found this site after years of being out of touch with anything more complicated than turning a computer on, emailing Yahoo then getting out. Any of you wizards have an answer for an old fart? I am house bound and have to call the Geek Squad for complicated problems.

Thanks for any suggestions. Hushmail comply with the US and international Law enforcement, They are not secure in the slightest. This is the sad thing with authors like Brandon Stosh — Clearly being paid by Hushmail to put there link on the top of the list.

Lost all credibility as an author Mr Stosh, Will take all your work with a pinch of salt, as clearly its biased.

When I see such a 9th grade grammatical error on the title of the article, I feel sure the information contained in it is at about the same level….. I had 2 accounts with them and I had a family emergency where I had to be caretaker to my mother, who then died.

I had not been on the account as I was just trying to take care of my mom, my business, etc and so once things quieted down, I tried to access the account and was told that they had deleted confidential e-mails from my business.

I was never aware they could do this. I am so frustrated that I am going to empty my current account and delete it. You would think since I was paying for an account still and the fact these were confidential e-mails that they would have let me know prior to deleting them.

I am done with them and will be looking into other options!!! No webmail services that encrypt stored email are secure, because the service itself holds both the public and private key.

And those webmail services you list are located in 14 eyes countries, like yourself. If you tried to provide secure email, from where you are, you would soon find yourself shutdown like lava, unless you agree to cooperate with those who want to snoop on email. So whats left, is what has made it onto your list.

And whats been shutdown, is what was secure. And anyone involved would be gagged from disclosing it. Secure mail is snail mail. Hi, To all you out there who are enquiring to which email provider is the best regarding keeping your privacy safe. Once you start using end to end encryption just by that fact alone you will draw attention from the snoopers. People I know have used Tutanota to have their emails encrypted from sender to receiver.

Although it might be fully protected other things have happened to each of them which included clicking noises on their landline phones. Think about it and make your own conclusions. When they abandoned Tutanota and went to gmail, guess what? The authorities were getting info direct no need to tap. Therefore, use the email providers but expect to be spied on and your info compromised.

The safe written communication days are gone forever. A fact of life. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Featured December 23, March 15, 0 Wikileaks begins helping companies exploited in Vault 7. Featured January 13, 0. May 17, 0. March 15, 0. March 7, 3. Will on April 20, 2: Author on June 4, 7: Dee on April 7, 9: Opinion on June 27, 5: It is hosted in Munich with direct access of the authorities. NoName on September 23, 5: ThomasPGH on February 26, 9: Dave on December 29, Author on December 30, 5: Doug McFetters on January 16, 4: Geir on February 17, 7: Thanks for an exhaustive and informative list of secure email providers.

Anonymous on March 6, Author on March 7, 2: Thank you for reading and best of luck! Anonymous on April 13, 4: Author on April 15, 7: Jonny on March 10, Also, the people running the US based email server are not allowed to admit to you, to the media or anyone else, that they pass your information to the NSA… Reply. Author on March 21, Brandon Stosh on December 16, 8: Bill from Lavaboom on April 7, 4: We gotta throw our hat in. Public beta coming April Anonymous on September 29, 1: Anonymous on April 17, 9: Hi, Is anyone using notsharingmy.

Author on April 18, 9: Santa Claus on April 18, 6: Author on April 18, 8: Santa Claus on April 19, 1: Sorry for very long post, and my english.

Onyx Risc on February 8, 8: Nyla Mcgregor on January 24, Thanks for info but im looking to keep someone from hacking my phone. Brandon Stosh on February 8, Honker on January 30, 5: Onyx Risc, Your comment has been a sort of eye-opener to me, thank you. Tim on April 23, Carol on May 4, 4: Author on May 4, 5: Thomas on May 12, Author on May 12, 7: HaKr on July 20, 5: Author on May 13, 7: Thank you for prompt response and effort.

Looking forward for your upcoming reviews! Author on May 14, 7: I have tried several email encryption services and I would like to add my experience and know your recommendations as well 1. I do believe that you can convince others to use because its very easy and requires no effort at all 3.

Sendinc My experience was very similar to Galaxkey but If you want the extra perks, it costs way more than Galaxkey 4.

OpenPGP Currently what I use on my pc Thuderbird and phone K-9 mail and I find it the best option among all imho but it may get confusing for others to set up and use Reply. Author on May 15, Author on May 16, 5: Nick on August 12, Author on August 13, 1: But agreed, they are my first choice for email. Have a great weekend! Author on May 16, Megan on August 11, 3: Author on August 11, 8: Alycia on August 16, Author on August 17, Thank you for the kind words!!

BKS on August 27, Author on August 27, 4: Adolfo on August 29, 6: Hi Brandon, this is a very good work you have got here. Author on September 1, 8: Thanks for the recommendation, going to go ahead and talk with them. Author on September 10, Hello, In this post I only refer to email providers who encrypt during transit and store the emails in an encrypted format. Hogan on October 20, 5: Joe on July 29, 4: Nick Scholz on September 10, 2: David on September 11, 5: Anony Mouse on October 18, 1: OpenMind on December 1, 5: Excellent email service with complete privacy: Armand on December 14, 1: Author on December 15, 7: Ted on December 25, 7: Carla on January 8, 8: Zoho is an american company.

Forget it, they can never make it private in the US. Vijay Seethepalli on August 22, 5: Carla on January 8, 7: John Marr on January 23, 1: Steen on January 31, 4: Nage on February 10, 6: Author on February 10, Hi Nage, Thank you! Roger on February 21, 2: William Smith on February 26, 6: J jackson on April 18, 6: J jackson on April 19, Author-Thanks so much for doing this much needed article Reply. Author on April 20, 1: Hi Jackson, happy to help! Thanks for your input! Fiona from Jumble on May 4, Luis on May 4, 4: Author on May 5, 2: Author on May 8, 3: Why the hate towards Hushmail?

Torez on October 7, 2: Author on October 12, 7: Torez on October 29, Horde, Roundcube, Rainloop are all at last version and keep updated. There are six available domains. An email is required to register, but registration is immediate so this can be a disposable one.

Sixtus on June 30, 5: Brandon Stosh on June 30, 2: Onyx Risc on February 8, 9: I am sorry for letting you down. HaKr on July 20, 6: Kal on July 3, 5: How it works is as follows: Keith on November 3, 2: Would have sworn my post made it on here earlier. Brandon Stosh on November 4, 5: Keith on November 6, 1: Thanks for the interesting points to ponder. Brandon Stosh on November 6, 5: Keith on November 7, 8: I contacted ESET and this was their reply: Brandon Stosh on November 9, 6: Lin on November 13, 8: Jonathan on February 1, Brandon Stosh on February 2, 2: In short, using Apple with these providers will not affect anything.

Hope this was helpful! I am new to this site but will appreciate it if it is sent to my mail box. Thanks and regards Reply. Brandon Stosh on February 23, 6: Duane Porter on February 27, 1: Brandon Stosh on February 29, 7: Kel Shelby on June 17, Brandon Stosh on June 22, 1: Tom on July 1, 9: Mick on July 5, 4: Bubba he liberal on July 8, 8: CynicallyCynical on September 23, Brandon Stosh on September 26, 2: Mockingbird on December 13, Brandon Stosh on December 14, 9: Mockingbird on December 14, 6: Brandon Stosh on December 20, 3: Keith on December 21, 4: Jacob Cracker on December 26, 1:

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