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How to Kill the Internet
Former editor and consulting editor for InfoWorld, he Maybe Joe should have chosen a different metaphor for "demolishing the Internet" than " This act was the basis of regulatory power for the executive branch of the government to control electronic communications in the United States. I replied to this question above, before I saw your latest comment here. Little word of advice not that it will help: Every single rescue dog that worked that pile is DEAD, Most of the persons that worked that pile are sick or dead. There was a requirement to measure the radiation from small quantities of uranium and his innovation was to use one of the newly-available highly sensitive photomultiplier tubes made by the Radio Corporation of America to accurately count the flashes of light from a scintillator subjected to radiation.

Steve Case reminds us that AOL flourished with Web freedom—the sort now in danger.

Kill the Internet

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An Internet kill switch is a countermeasure concept of activating a single shut off mechanism for all Internet traffic. The concept behind having a kill switch is based on creating a single point of control (i.e. a switch) for a single authority to control or shut down the Internet in order to protect it or its users. Killing Home Internet Is the Most Productive Thing I’ve Ever Done By Joshua Fields Millburn · Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ Earlier this year I made the conscious decision to remove all Internet service from my home. Destroying the Internet's core infrastructure would constitute the greatest act of global terrorism in history and/or a declaration of war against every sovereign nation in existence—to say nothing of the danger it would put both you and others in.