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Hezbollah tried to kill Israeli consul. People should not be forced to view the version of the internet their particular governments want them to. Our proxy will bypass school and work filters. Archived from the original on 20 May Many security programs have agent components that report security information back to a central reporting platform.

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Gmail on the web have received a big update with a new design and feature. Users are more about a new feature in gmail RanJitH - August 16, 0. Autofill and Saved Passwords option was launched by apple from iOS version 7, which made it easier for users.

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Facebook-possessed Instagram is one of the world's most driving social network spend significant time in photo and video sharing is presently available for the RanJitH - August 13, 0. MacBooks still have small hard drives that fill off rapidly. Fortunately there are fast and simple approaches to free up space on your hard RanJitH - July 28, 0.

There are times in your online life when, because of different reasons, extraordinary measures must be taken. For all time delete your Google Gmail RanJitH - July 20, 0.

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The large number inside the card, called a key, is like a hard-to-guess password used in encrypting and decrypting. The key is never stored on a computer, which increases its safety against unauthorized discovery. The concept has broadened to include managing messages that have some combination of: A custom filter rule is a rule a Firebox user created in WatchGuard Policy Manager, in contrast with the pre-made rules WatchGuard created for the Firebox.

CVE-compatible Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures CVE is a list of standardized names for vulnerabilities and other information security exposures, whose aim is to standardize the names for all publicly known vulnerabilities and security exposures.

D data compression See compress. A portmapper is a service that runs on a specific port , redirecting clients that send a request to that port. These initial calls typically result in a response from the trusted machine that redirects the client to a new port for the actual service the client wants. If the packet's destination is not local, the machine forwards it to a node on the network serving as the entrance to all other networks.

This node is called the default gateway, and could be any routing device, such as a router or a firewall appliance. For example, by default the Firebox logs any packet sent to a broadcast address. For example, in February a hacker directed thousands of requests to eBay's Web site.

The network traffic flooded the available Internet connection so that no users could access eBay for a few hours. A distributed denial of service DDoS involves many computer systems, possibly hundreds, all sending traffic to a few choice targets. The term "Denial of Service" is also used imprecisely to refer to any outwardly-induced condition that renders a computer unusable, thus "denying service" to its rightful user. DES Data Encryption Standard A commonly-used encryption algorithm that encrypts data using a key of 56 bits, which is considered fairly weak given the speed and power of modern computers.

This data typically includes a machine's IP address, which the server can change and allocate automatically on the fly under DHCP. DHCP server A device that automatically assigns IP addresses to networked computers from a defined pool of numbers, returning unused IP addresses to the pool.

Using a DHCP server, an administrator normally does not have to get involved with the details of assigning IP addresses to individual clients. It offers additional options, and requires your acknowledgement before it goes away. This attack is usually automated, using a dictionary of the hacker's choosing, which may include both ordinary words and jargon, names, and slang.

Diffie-Hellman A mathematical algorithm that allows two users to exchange a secret key over an insecure medium without any prior secrets. Creating a digital signature involves elaborate mathematical techniques that the sender and recipient can both perform on the transmitted data. Performing identical formulas on identical data should produce identical results at both the sending and receiving end.

If the recipient's results do not equal the sender's results, the message may have been tampered with en route. If the message was modified after being sent -- even if all someone did was change the punctuation on a sentence, or added an extra space between two of the words -- you could tell.

A digital signature typically depends upon three elements: This library is intended to be a universal resource that any program can use, reducing the need to have similar snippets of code existing on a computer in multiple places. Windows comes with many DLLs that programs can use to get the recognized "Windows" feel. DMZ Demilitarized Zone A partially-protected zone on a network, not exposed to the full fury of the Internet, but not fully behind the firewall.

This technique is typically used on parts of the network which must remain open to the public such as a Web server but must also access trusted resources such as a database. The point is to allow the inside firewall component, guarding the trusted resources, to make certain assumptions about the impossibility of outsiders forging DMZ addresses. This is what allows your computer network to understand that you want to reach the server at DNS cache poisoning A clever technique that tricks your DNS server into believing it has received authentic information when, in reality, it has been lied to.

Why would an attacker corrupt your DNS server's cache? So that your DNS server will give out incorrect answers that provide IP addresses of the attacker's choice, instead of the real addresses. Imagine that someone decides to use the Microsoft Update Web site to get the latest Internet Explorer patch. But, the attacker has inserted phony addresses for update. DNS spoofing An attack technique where a hacker intercepts your system's requests to a DNS server in order to issue false responses as though they came from the real DNS server.

Using this technique, an attacker can convince your system that an existing Web page does not exist, or respond to requests that should lead to a legitimate Web site, with the IP address of a malicious Web site. This differs from DNS cache poisoning because in DNS spoofing, the attacker does not hack a DNS server; instead, he inserts himself between you and the server and impersonates the server.

For example, if a hacker wanted to take over fnark. Then, he would put up his own DNS server, advertising it to everyone on the Internet as fnark. When an unsuspecting user went to access fnark. DoS See denial of service attack. The driver accepts generic commands from a program and then translates them into specialized commands for the device. This is a quick and simplified way to get the Firebox into the network, but can only protect a single network that is not subdivided into smaller networks.

See also proxy ARP. For a contrasting approach, see routed mode. A DVCP server provides centralized storage of all configured devices under management and builds Virtual Private Networks quickly and interactively for those devices.

E ECC Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem A method for creating public key algorithms, which some experts claim provides the highest strength-per-bit of any cryptosystem known today. Its algorithms accept an encryption key but then add extra numbers representing the coordinates of points on an imaginary wiggly curve as it crosses an imaginary line. Its complicated algebraic approach allows shorter keys to produce security equivalent to longer keys in other cryptosystems such as RSA.

Shorter keys mean the encryption and decryption can be performed relatively quickly and with less computer hardware.

Numerous experts believe ECC will eventually enjoy widespread use. This permission is granted to individuals based on their ability to present proper credentials for example, a username and password. Privilege has levels -- for example, a guest account typically has fewer privileges than an administrator account. Many network attacks begin with an attacker obtaining limited privileges on a system, then attempting to leverage those privileges into greater privileges that might ultimately lead to controlling the system.

Any attempt to gain greater permissions illicitly typically, by impersonating a privileged user or otherwise bypassing normal authentication is considered an elevation of privilege.

As used in a network security context, encryption is usually accomplished by putting the data through any of several established mathematical algorithms developed specifically for this purpose. These extensions were first described in RFC ESP encrypts all or part of a packet of data in a way that assures confidentiality even though the data travels over the public Internet.

It provides data integrity, and offers assurance of the identity of the data's sender authentication. For details, see RFC Ethernet One of the least expensive, most widely deployed networking standards, enabling the transmission of data at 10 million bits per second Mbps , using a specified protocol.

A more recent Ethernet standard, called BaseTx, enables data to be transmitted and received at Mbps. Ethernet address A unique ID number obtained automatically when an Ethernet adapter is added to a computer. This address identifies the machine as a unique communication item and enables direct communications to and from that particular computer. See also MAC address. Evil twin A wireless access point masquerading as a trusted wireless network. Attackers use an evil twin to trick unsuspecting users into connecting to their network.

Once the victim connects, the attacker can steal passwords or other sensitive information by either capturing unencrypted HTTP traffic or using their control of the network traffic to perform convincing phishing attacks. External interface On the Firebox, an Ethernet port intended for connecting to the portion of your network that presents the greatest security risk typically the Internet and any other switches, routers, or servers connected to, but outside, your network.

External network Any network that can connect to yours, with which you have neither a trusted or semi-trusted relationship. For example, a company's employees would typically be trusted on your network, a primary vendor's network might be semi-trusted, but the public Internet would be untrusted — hence, External. F failover A configuration that allows a secondary machine to take over in the event of a stoppage in the first machine, thus allowing normal use to return or continue.

See also high availability. This is the opposite of fail-open mode, in which a firewall crash opens all traffic in both directions.

Fail-shut is the default failure mode of the WatchGuard Firebox System. Derived from the Ethernet See one-way hash function. The extension can help identify the type of file, and often helps a computer know what to do with the file. For example, if a file is named glossary. Firebox The WatchGuard firewall appliance. Firebox Monitors allows you to keep an eye on bandwidth usage, who has authenticated to the Firebox, what Web sites have been automatically blocked because they sent questionable traffic, and more.

The word "flash" arises from the fact that it can be erased and reprogrammed rapidly, in blocks instead of one byte at a time. See also active mode FTP. Function In programming, a function is part of a program that performs a specific task. Computer programs usually consist of modules of code. Each module consists of a small part of the program written to perform one specific task.

These small, special-purpose chunks of code are called functions. When a program runs, it calls different functions to perform certain tasks. For example, a programmer could write a function to alphabetize a list of names. When the program got to the place where it needed to alphabetize a list of names, the program would call the alphabetizing function, and the function would return the list of names in the correct order.

If those names then had to be inserted into a database, the program might call a different function to accomplish that. See also parameter and Dynamic Link Libraries. G gateway A system that provides access between two or more networks. Gateways are typically used to connect networks that are dissimilar. The Firebox often serves as the gateway between the Internet and your network.

GUI Graphical User Interface The visual representation on a computer screen that allows users to view, enter, or change information. It is characterized by icons and commonly utilizes a mouse, in contrast to a Command Line Interface CLI , which uses strictly text.

H handshake See TCP handshake. The header of a packet is like the envelope of a traditionally-mailed letter, in that it conveys "return address" and "intended recipient" information but is not the real content of the message. Hexadecimal resembles decimal base numbering with the digits 0 through 9, but the decimal equivalents of 10 - 16 are represented in hexadecimal by the letters A through F.

For example, a business might have a master Certificate Authority, which vouches for a Certificate Authority at the company's Los Angeles office, which vouches for a Certificate Authority at the company's Phoenix office. High Availability High Availability enables the installation of two Fireboxes so that if one fails for any reason, the other takes over immediately.

This minimizes data loss while the failed box is replaced or repaired.. Historical Reports A WatchGuard Firebox System application that creates HTML reports of Firebox log files, displaying session types, most active hosts, most used services, and other information useful in monitoring and troubleshooting a network. The end result is that when you receive a data packet, you can know that whoever sent the packet possesses the same secret key that you do.

You can combine this with other technologies, such as IKE , to know who sent a given message. For the Firebox to be able to send data to the host, it must be informed of the existence of the additional router and the host behind it. This entry in the Firebox's routing table is the host route. HTML files are written in plain text, then read or interpreted by a Web browser.

HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol A communications standard designed and used to transfer information and documents between servers or from a server to a client. This standard is what enables your Web browser to fetch pages from the World Wide Web. There are several different types of hubs, but in general each receives and sends signals to all the devices connected to it.

When a user clicks on a hyperlink, a page or graphic from the linked location appears in the user's Web browser. Currently IANA manages port numbers 1 through Perhaps the most used ICMP command is ping. Any message encrypted with that person's public key can then be regarded as being from that person. Network-based intrusion detection systems examine the traffic on a network for signs of unauthorized access or attacks in progress, while host-based systems look at processes running on a local machine for activity an administrator has defined as "bad.

IETF Internet Engineering Task Force A large, open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet.

IKE first mutually authenticates the two endpoints that plan to set up IPSec tunnels between them; then the endpoints can establish mutually agreed-upon security parameters. See also cipher block chaining. The term sometimes refers to the wires, plugs, and sockets that hardware devices use to communicate with each other. Other times, it refers to the style in which a software program receives and responds to user input; for example, command line interface or graphical user interface.

Internet address class Historically, to efficiently administer the whole range of possible bit IP addresses, the addresses were separated into three classes that describe networks of varying sizes: A network with a Class A address can have up to about 16 million hosts.

A network with a Class B address can have up to 64, hosts. A network with a Class C address can have up to hosts. Modern addressing techniques favor classless routing, rendering these class categorizations less and less relevant.

For a full discussion of the topic, see the following Security Fundamentals articles: For example, a manufacturer and its key vendors might create an intranet to facilitate managing the process of turning raw materials into finished products. IP Internet Protocol A fundamental set of detailed specifications that controls how data packets are formatted and how they move from one networked computer to another.

IP address An understanding of IP addresses is foundational for managing a network, so we go into some depth with this definition. The devices on the network rely on the address in order to know where to route data. The format of an IP address is a bit number divided into four 8-bit segments, separated by periods.

The four segments, called octets, can be represented in binary notation ones and zeros, the basic building blocks of all software like this: Because writing so many ones and zeros is inefficient and laborious for humans, IP addresses are usually converted to decimal notation when written out but remember, the machines always understand them as ones and zeros. For example, the same binary address above, expressed in decimal, is In decimal notation, no octet can have a value greater than This is because binary requires 9 ones and zeros to express a number greater than , and the rules for IP addresses only allow 8.

Some portion of any IP address designates a network, and the remaining portion of the address designates a specific device on that network. For more information, see network address , Internet address class , and subnet mask.

IP fragments are typically used when an IP packet is too large for the physical media that the data must cross. To send packets larger than 1, bytes over an Ethernet, IP fragments must be used. IP options Extensions to the Internet Protocol used mainly for debugging and for special applications on local networks. In general, there are no legitimate uses of IP options over an Internet connection.

IP options attack A method of gaining unauthorized network access by utilizing IP options. IPSec Internet Protocol Security An open-standard methodology of exchanging data over the public Internet while protecting the data from prying eyes as it travels from the originator to the recipient.

The IETF chartered the IPSec work group to provide cryptographic security services that will flexibly support combinations of authentication, integrity, access control, and confidentiality. IP spoofing The act of inserting a false but ordinary-seeming sender IP address into the "From" field of an Internet transmission's header in order to hide the actual origin of the transmission. There are few, if any, legitimate reasons to perform IP spoofing; the technique is usually one aspect of an attack.

Defines the procedures for authenticating, creating and managing security associations, generating keys, and using digital certificates when establishing VPN connections. ISO International Organization for Standardization An international organization composed of national standards bodies from over 75 countries. ISO has defined a number of important computer standards, the most significant of which is perhaps OSI Open Systems Interconnection , a standardized architecture for designing networks.

A government bureau or an educational institution may be the ISP for some organizations. IV See initialization vector. J Java applet A small program written in the Java programming language that can be included on an HTML page, much in the same way an image is included. When someone uses a Java-enabled browser to view a page that contains an applet, the applet's code is transferred to that user's system and executed by the browser's Java virtual machine JVM.

For example, if you access a Web page that shows a virtual stock ticker streaming by with live data, that might be enabled by a Java applet. K Kerberos A trusted third-party authentication protocol developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and used widely in the United States. Unlike other authentication schemes, Kerberos does not use public key technology.

Instead, it uses symmetric ciphers and secrets shared between the Kerberos server and each individual user. Each user has a unique password, and the Kerberos server uses this password to encrypt messages sent to that user, so the message can't be read by anyone else.

If a message encrypted by a key must be decrypted by using the same key, the key is called a symmetric key. If a message encrypted by a key must be decrypted using a different key, the keys are called asymmetric keys , or a key pair. Key pairs usually comprised of a public key and a private key form the basis of public key cryptography. Two key pairs can have the same user ID, but they have different key IDs.

See also key and key fingerprint. One of the keys is made known publicly, while the other is kept private. The two, together, form a key pair.

See also key and keyring. Each user has two types of keyrings: People who wish to receive encrypted messages typically publish their public keys in directories or make their keys otherwise available. To send them an encrypted message, all you have to do is get a copy of their public key, use the public key to encrypt your message, and send it to them. The only person who can decrypt the message is the person who possesses the matching private key.

A designated number of users must bring their shares of the key together to use the key. L LAN local area network A computer network that spans a relatively small area, generally confined to a single building or group of buildings. LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol A protocol that helps manage information about authorized users on a network such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and what a user is and is not allowed to access. LDAP is vendor- and platform-neutral, working across otherwise incompatible systems.

LED light-emitting diode A small indicator light on a networking device that indicates status and other information about the device. This convention, which all Internet-aware applications expect and utilize, has a variety of purposes, including routing and application testing. M MAC Machine Authentication Code A way to check the integrity of information transmitted over, or stored on, an unreliable medium, based on a secret key. Typically, MACs are used between two parties who share a secret key, in order to validate the information transmitted between the two parties.

MAC address Media Access Control One of the two addresses every networked computer has the other being an IP address , a Media Access Control address is a unique bit identifier usually written as 12 hexadecimal characters grouped in pairs e. It is the physical address of a data device, and is used as an aid for routers trying to locate machines on large networks.

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