How To Use HBO GO with Chromecast

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Can I stream HBO Now from Chromecast?
Please remove Trade In to add Pixel to your cart. Your order is still being processed. An error occurred while canceling your shipment. Please submit your order again. After years of struggling to get traction with Google TV, Google finally found its living-room hit: The Chromecast is sure to catch up, especially with the recent release of the Google Cast Software Development Kit , but at the moment Roku still has the lead. Turn on your TV, then switch it to the input channel to which the Chromecast is connected.

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How to Watch HBO Go on the Chromecast

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HBO GO and Chrome Browser

Chromecast button doesn't appear in HBO GO on Android Troubleshoot issues with Chromecast on a computer Troubleshoot issues with Chromecast . You can use Chromecast to cast HBO NOW from your phone, tablet, or computer to your TV. For setup help, go to Set up your Chromecast device. Important Chromecast and the device with HBO NOW must be on the same Wi-Fi network and meet the minimum software requirements. Google's Chromecast dongle just got another streaming service. Hold on to your dragons: HBO GO support is available starting today. The not-quite-a-set-top-box Chromecast is Google's answer to the Apple TV and Roku line of streamers.