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I had an other gmail account gn. I have a problem in your chat module which json is not working. How can that be? I agree with Tim Smyth above I can not able to send message. Feel free to email me if you require a more robust Comet version developed for you. In May , Gmail improved the search functionality to include auto-complete predictions from the user's emails.

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We strongly advise leaving alerts on so you can hear about suspicious activity on your account. If you still want to disable alerts, follow the steps below. It takes about a week for alerts to get turned off. This is because Gmail wants to confirm it's you that's turning them off, and not someone else who might have access to your account. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Gmail Help Forum Forum.

Last account activity You can see your sign-in history, including the dates and times that your Gmail account was used. See your account activity On your computer, open Gmail. In the bottom right, click Details. Information shown on the "Last account activity" page The Last account activity page shows your sign-in records, and includes the information below. Concurrent session information In the "Concurrent session information" section, you'll see if you're signed in to Gmail on another device, browser, or location.

There are a few reasons you may see multiple IP addresses or locations in your activity: If you use Gmail on a phone or tablet, your Internet service or mobile carrier's location may show up. This may be a location far from where you are. As long as the name of the carrier matches yours, this isn't unusual. Perhaps instead of tracking by chatboxtitle you should assign each box an ID and track that way — to keep chat sessions unique while allowing 2 people to have the same name.

I assume that you have implemented a login system with a username and password. The chatboxtitle is the username and thus must be unique. I wonder if this project will be a complete web chat presence package, like the chat bar on Facebook. To make a chat bar like that requires lots work.

It will be great if you can make this more available in production use. How about an ignore option. Perhaps John should get a response like: You are being ignored by Janedoe. What can I do? Jorge Hello, I am aware of that. Actually Gmail handles it quite badly too by simply making those chat windows disappear which do not fit in the browser window width. The best solution is offered by Facebook which provides a small scroll.

Null Hey, I have not implemented roster support i. I think you have got something wrong with the license.. Anant Garg — usernames are indeed usually unique — but alot of sites let users define a display name that differs from login name. Do you think you could come up with a WordPress plugin whcih utilizes this script to allow user-user instant messaging? That would be epic! I think the license confusion comes in because you are trying to combine a commercial friendly license LGPL with a commercial license.

What I think you want to do, and what ExtJS is actually doing for that matter, is going with a commercial un-friendly license GPL and a commercial license. Lafriks Jason Thank you for pointing that out. I have now updated the license to GPL for non-commercial purposes.

Paulo You can use the script for free only on those sites which are non-commercial. For commercial sites, please purchase a license. Hi Anant, is there any update of this project? I have tested your application exactly as it is on my server but I got a problem..

Always I send a message It shows the time below.. Sil Please contact me using the form below with your website details so that I can have a look at your installation. This have affected the server time. Hoping you may enhance it to get round this problem. Ian Hello, I will be soon releasing a Facebook style IM bar which will solve your multiple chat problem.

Nota Hello, currently the script uses back-off policy, so it does not poll every one second. After sometime of inactivity, the poll-time automatically doubles, then doubles again and so-on. Since the script is not using Comet, I suggest you keep the number of simultaneous users not more than a though I have not load tested the script, it should work.

Feel free to email me if you require a more robust Comet version developed for you. I tested to integrate it on my website, it work fine with all browsers. Hi, great job, we are testing it on our website — are you thinking about sound when message will arrive when you are not focused on the window.

I have not added sound because it is annoying for the user. I might have it optional in the next version. Hi Anant, Could you please tell us when the next version will come out? I have a project that might use this toolkit mostly for comet chat, facebook style but I have to know the release date so that I can estimate the time. Hi, its me again… I am not sure if its bug or its meant to be that way but if i have 2 panels with site where is this chat and somebody send me an message — it will arrive just into one panel window — its quite messy to chat that way.

Ivan Hello, I assume you are talking about having multiple windows of the same user open at the same time. Current implementation does not handle that, thus you will see the message in only one window. I am working on an update soon. Me again… yes — i meant exactly the thing that you described.

And I am really glad to hear that! What are the downsides of it? Also, what method do you suggest for keeping track of who is online? Charles Hi, yes push technology is complex, which is why very few are doing it right.

Ugly hacks for cross-browser support. Then you can modify the existing php file to execute a query every time it is called to update the timestamp for that user.

When logging on to website from iPhone, the chat window will open and you can type in it… but it will not send. It does not recognize the iPhone return key. Can a send button be added, or iPhone detection to show a send button?

If you are chatting with someone, and not moving around the site, the site will timeout and assume you are not logged in. Is it possible to send a mySQL query every 5 minutes or so while a user is chatting to preserve their online status? How easy will be integrating the facebook like chat bar on the website?

Also, there will be easy to add some extra section at the bar like facebook have applications on left? I have tried all of the recommended solutions for the conflicts between jQuery and prototype, but still the chat stalls and crashes on line 12 of the provided jQuery file. I installed this into a website just to see how well it worked. It would send messages just fine.

This code looks amazing and is exactly what I am looking for, the facebook style chat is identical to the type of thing i am after so really looking forward to this!!

I am just trying to convert the chat. Net, has anybody else managed this yet or are you able to help me? I too would love a Asp. Net version of this php script…if anybody has got the knowledge on how to do this I would be extremely greatful!

Integration with vBulletin forum is complete. Let me know if you want to integrate CometChat with your site using the contact form below. Hi, glad to see the the update. But I want to know if facebook chat bar will be released as free software Only the client side code?

I saw the information on the forums and seems that you are selling it. So if the CometChat is a complete package? I mean including the server. I also would like to know if there will be any Facebook like Chat available in the same way the Gmail like Chat is available, or if there will be any improvements on this free Gmail like Chat. This is a great looking application! Has anyone tried to make this work using Prototype and Scriptaculous?

Plus avoid all the annoying conflicts when using both. Same question as that posed by blueflycn, i. Just wanted to inform that we are launching CometChat tomorrow. I will do a full post with the features of CometChat shortly. We have setup a demo at: The website will be live at http: I just purchased cometchat and I am a bit confused. I first visited http: I then saw a few hours ago that you posted a comment on this page http: Olivier Yes, you can use CometChat without vB.

I have emailed you regarding the same. The CometChat standalone version should be launched sometime today. Anant Garg let us now on tweeter when the stand alone version is available! Actually I am working on developing a social networking site using PHP where I have to integrate the chat application — If my client wants to buy cometchat — will there be any trail version sothat I can check the integration and installation.

Ritwik CometChat will work out-of-the-box. Sorry, we do not offer a trial version. Is there any protection against spammers? Chat window on I. Chat window does not scroll down with scroll bar. It works fine on Firefox. Right panel of my website contains flash advertisements. This chat windows shows behind the flash advertisements.

I am already using jquery for other purposes. So for ajax request a loading indicator shows on the website. When I use this script that loading indicator automatically shows after 1 or 2 seconds continuously.

The problem is that I cannot get it to work I keep getting an undefined error on startup with the username. Could you help me out in anyway you can. Hi Anant, I tried this script, It is working fine in windows environment with all major browsers, but I am not getting chat window in Mac environment.

I have Firefox version 3. Also same problem in Safari. Can you suggest any solution for that? I have installed this on a localhost to test it out and it looks really good. My only question is, How can I limit how many chat windows a user has open at 1 time. If a user opens more than 4 chats, Then the 5th one goes of the screen so they can not view it.

I would either like to add an alert telling the user they can only have 4 windows open, Or put a little scroll bar type thing there so they can scroll threw the people they have chats open with. Any help with this would be great. I have one question though, does this not work if the usernames have punctuation marks in them, such as colons or exclamations or periods? From what I notice it will not open the chat window when I click on a username with punctuations in it.

I wait some one can help me. Hello, very good this script … Is not changing the title of the box, a name and save the database to register an id? Hi Anant, I am developing a website with plenty of users coming in, posting their ideas and buying or selling things. I want a chat application like yours and want to integrate it with my current website.

Can you please assist me to do so. I am ready to purchase the license. Following are the requirements: I am looking for a similar chat app to integrate with my exisiting. Please let me know if there is a way out. While you had 2 conversations open, when you minimized one of them and refreshed the page, it then minimized the wrong one and maximized the minimized one.

It would be quite easy to add multilingual support to your scripts so they integrate with the already existing website translation. You just have to migrate your sentences to gettext http: Dear Anant, I am trying to convert the code from. Do you have the code with comments or have you created it in.

Thanks for your help. I tried to integrate your chat application, but found issue is as follow: Hope you understand my issue,if not please let me know. Also please let me know how i can get solution for this. But has a problem with prototype. Dear Anant, i am new and i know simple html.

Hey anant i want to use your chat script but it has some problem if i use this script in my site there comes two scroll in internet explorer how will i remove it.. Anybody able to convert it in ASP? Please it is very urgent. I can pay you for that. Please contact me a26g hotmail. If script is being included in the root then it will work in root only, you will have to copy chat. We have implemented Jquery chat with one of our websites build on Drupal open source.

We are facing few issues with this, I am mentioning below:. When I am logged in as User 1 and chatting to some User n and successfully logs out and login as User 2. Earlier chat gets open for User 2 as well which actually happened for User 1. Hi Anant, I like your demo and would like to purchase your CometChat, but want to first be certain that I can get it running. Another question — Is asp.

Thanks — Ed W. Chat window includes blank entry applicable for each browser -type any char and press enter key twice.

In actual the user who has been typing gets blank entry in his chat window and user sitting at other end receives the typed chars. Chat window includes repeated value applicable for each browser —close the chat window during chatting. Urls in Chat applicable for the entire browser — Urls in Chat not clickable. The script you that you have put here… jquerychat. Main problem is, when I refresh, the chat windows are getting disappeared.

Will this support or handle group chat with multiple users in one box that can all see each other. Like icq or a group skype chat room.

Is it compatible with vanilla GPL? What if somebody decide to use the derivative work commercially GPL allows that, as long as you keep it OpenSource? Only problem is that I have a java application.

So I rewritten the action part, to work with a servlet. If your interested I could send you the code. So you could publish it here. Otherwise the window appears absolute in the bottom of the page and not of the window.

Hi, thank you for this chat! Hi, everyone… i have a website to upgrade …i want to put a chat like this, but on the existing website there is prototype and scriptaculous…. Thanks for this beautiful script I have implemented this on my website and will send in where once the website goes live.

Can anyone help me to translate the php codes into java?? I really need it and it will help a lot people out there too…. I am trying to make this one work at my server but the username doesnt seem to recognize the session.. I did exactly how you instructed here.. I didnt work when uploaded it to my server.. Or can you show the code here or a link , so that it will be useful for others. Therefore, the message never is sent. Any chance for an ASP classic implementation?

After that find all for in looping. I am new into this web design,I am currently developing a my website and I have made a survey on my friends,a chat is needed,I spent so long trying to design a chat code,some how they worked but they lacked something,so during my research,today I bumped into your code, I like it,I am going to get another pc,and try it,will let you know, how it works, can I have your email address,when I ahev questions, thank.

Reason being it uses DB to store, fetch the messages. Hi Anant, Thanks for this great plug-in. I found a bug. If I opend an chat window for you and chat is like that. Means it is repeating all content at the point of cloce. When we are closing chat window it is not refreshing the chat frame.

When again I opened it it just appene all previous chat to the frame. Hi Anant, in My site email is unique name.. Your chat module is really awesome. I am using it on my site. But there is a problem, when the page is refreshed or next page is visited, the chat window disapperas and the chat history is lost. Canyou please sort out the problem and make the chat window stable. It would be so nice of you. Alex plesa contact me at my email address: I red many of you here had the same problem as me: Because in real world, you usually have file chat.

Heya there, I noticed you have done great work with this script and with you now making CometChat … I looks fantastic but here is my question…..

Does comet chat come in a standalone version? This is my solution: Not use usernames with characters like blank spaces or accents. To use only characters admitted for the CSS syntax.

When the user sends the message I want to save it with a different name that is save on the db. Thank you very much. I implemented this chat to one of my project. It is working fine in my local meachine but fails when i uploaded to server.

In FF it is ok but in IE 7 and in chrome it fails.. In IE it shows a java script error. So the small popup does not comes in my window. Got a problem, chatbox wont open if the username has space of special character. Any ideas how to fix this problem.. Hi, and thanks for the great idea script! I had tried to integrate the demo with my application. Not Displaying My name with chat widow when i statred a chat with others.

But is getting while after a refresh. When the user tried to reply my chat.. Then chat can continue with this new window withoud any problems. But cant use the First winow that i used to chat initiation. The problem i am getting is that when i click on my site the link to chat to another user it will give me error saying the jquery is busy or not responding stop script or continue i am doing exactly you stated above but nothing is working for me i just dont know what is wrong.

If one person sends a text and one second later another person answer? Mi pregunta es cual es el nombre de la base de dato??? When a chatting with 3 or 4 persons, if we close one chat window and then that person again send another message then the previous popup shows again, but along with his first chat message is shows in the second popup of another person, after refreshing everything works fine.

Same problem as Rajeesh, and if i have to chat windows, i have the focus on the second one, when the first chat windows type somenting, it appears on my focus windows, any idea? If someone could post the ASP version or send it to me to sacha proyectiva.

Have a look at CometChat — http: The only problem i am encountering is that when i minimize the chat the image or avatar is still there i want it to disappear only want the title to be there if anyone knows about this please let me know thanks. I spent a couple of hours adding features I really need: JSON wont output them right…. I bet I am not embedding them properly.

Hay, I just want to purchase this script but i want to implement it in asp. Is it available for me. If available then please contact me on my email id: Hello, this seems like a very nice chat script. I have translated this to Asp. Just finishing up, but works perfect.

Made the exact same data structure as used, serialized to json. Anat can you pls contact me, I hope you can see my mail since i wont post it here. Have a suggestion i want to debate with you. I have noticed a possible error in the downloadable files. I have tested it and all the other files with no issues. Anant please update your downloadable content.

I wanted to ask how many multiple users this chat supports also is there a more detailed implementation of the chat. And this before i open a chatsession I ve got a system of authentification based on session. I use too several jquery script like colorbox. When you chat with a user, and you have one more window open apart, when i close the window that has the user with im on chat, and he talks me again, the message is repeated on the other open window. Hi Anant, First of all i would like to appreciate you, for developing such an amazing application like this and many thanks to you.

Actually I have created a chat application with your code but facing two more critical situation. I want to update online status of a user while the browser session expiring, closing the tab or window of browser and if any network issues showing.

If we opened chat window in multiple tabs or window, the chat will show in all of the tabs or window like gmail. Are you making calls to the database to check if there is an incoming message, even when no one has initiated chat? I had seen this chat application its really good. I want to if i will put chat. I just want to know that how this url is generated that calls the chat. Thanks for awesome script. I want to add the typing status msg like gtalk, could you please suggest how i can do this??

Anant a great script but can you please let me know is there any update regarding the audio and video chat with this gmail style chat,i need to run the same way you made plus the audio and video chat as well,so please let me know for those changes if you already made it as i can see it is quite a old post. I have been trying to integrate your chat…but i am having some problem. When a user sends a message, the other user doesnt receive it….

I created the database to store the chat info like u have writeen. Both the users were online at the time of testing. Really great application, good work! I have a question: If they respond to me, I see Name: Could you point out to me the location? How do you make this chat script to popup when someone enters your website without clicking on the persons name.

Chatting with one person only. I want to use this chat script in Zend Framework but unable to configure it. Hi, Good job Anant, since long i was searching for like this a chat application u solved my prb thanks but i have a prb how ever i made its table and all stil it doesnt work properly can u help me out of this, i urgently need to solve it. I cannot make the chat work I have registered session variables correctly so the username is registered in the session.

The chat seems to start the Db connections are ok. THe strings passed in the chat box is inserted in the DB but the chat box does not update at the other client end with whom i am chatting. I love this script and i am trying to include it in my site. But I am facing a problem, when i do chat as user, chatting window appears and my message also appears in it. But when i start chatting from other side, the same problem appears. The data is going into database correctly.

So I have these two questions:. Do I need to be running my website on a dedicated server? But I have a problem in IE. Any solutions for this? Please let me know if any body has come across this situation? A very nice script! Thanks for this man!

Hi all, sorry my bad English, I wanted to know if there is a possibility of doing the chat windows draggable. Great facebook like chat project…. We have used wamp server and localhost to test it offline and it worked…we are currently using mozilla firefox 3.

Anant, thanks for this awesome script. I just integrated this with an application along with showing whether a user is online. Thanks for the hard work. Also, I love cometchat and have implemented it on one of my social websites as well. Is there a way to use this without including the entire jquery library? It causes conflicts in wordpress with plugins. I put the scroll on the page, but the chat window is fixed and does not follow the page, how can I solve this problem?

Is there a way to limit the number of chat tabs open? If so, could I limit it to 4 open at a time, or some kind of scrolling effects like how facebook has it? The problem is that the chats run off the page when you have so many open. After finding the line in chat. I have implemented script ok, works fine between firefox and chrome. IE will send a message and another browser can receive, however sending a message back to IE fails. The IE browser is showing undefined as the user who you are sending the message to so this would indicate something its not happy about within the session.

Is there a way to improve this? Thanks for this great chating tool. Hi, Really thanks for this beautiful script. I have implemented it in my application. But i have one problem. When chat is in progress and I refresh the page, the history do not appear and we have to start new chat.

What should I do to not to loss the history when i refresh the page? Or store the chat convos in the database and query the db. Anant, I implimented your FB chat in my local. But In IE the chat box is not positioned as in other browsers. Please suggest me to fix the problem. Hi Anant…great script…but 1 problem.

When the username with whom i want to chat contains special characters like a symbol or a period. I need your help!!! I found it the best Post that I have gone through. This is something really interesting. Mine Is Not Working i added all the files to my ftp account in the chat folder and added the mysql database and added the links on my page, and nothing.

Hi your jquery chat looks awesome Can you make it work with python and Django Framwork? Do you have a tutorial on how to manage rosters i. I am trying to add more functionality.

I have online users with their unique id to start chat from links,good. But how do i add image of that person to chatbox instead of showing their id. I think this script is a bit faulty. There are three guys here raising the same problem. Is there any small fix which can get me rid of this problem that is holding me to launch a new site?

Can anyone explain why when there is a comma or a single quote, the text is spaced weird. It only does it when there is a comma or single quote. Oh wait, I guess the extra spaces are filtered out. If i build a social network website, and I put this chat on it — will take make it commercial or non-commercial use?

Has anyone resolved the problem of username with symbols. I have got it squared for. Hi nice workdone , thanx alot for giving the php code and js module , but i m facing some trouble while converting it into asp. I have some queries regarding some business logic can i contact you for that?

Its exactly what peoples are looking for like gmail , facebook. Did someone make it work with JQuery? So it is easier to hack, ran slower or only ran on windows servers? I cannot make it work…. Hi Anant, great script, thank you. Have a issue with IE. The connect to the DB is also ok. How can that be? Hi, Well 2 problems:

Information shown on the

Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service developed by can access Gmail on the web and using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols. Gmail started as a limited beta release on April 1, , and ended its testing phase on July 7, At launch, Gmail had an initial storage . The public history of Gmail dates back to Gmail, a free, advertising-supported webmail service with support for Email clients, is a product from its history, the Gmail interface has become integrated with many other products and services from the company, with basic integration as part of Google Account and specific integration . Gmail is email that's intuitive, efficient, and useful. 15 GB of storage, less spam, and mobile access.