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3 Must-have File Management Software for Mac
We'd be surprised if you hadn't heard of this super-popular cloud storage service. Our must-have list includes apps that remember your passwords, organize your notes and to-dos, and follow your package deliveries. There aren't a million options to get lost in; you start it, type in your tasks and swipe them away as you complete them. Automatically backup your files and folders via the internet. Anybody who uses "Mail" for Mac needs this. Some of these links are affiliate links; all of these applications are ones we use and love. The premier free, open-source browser, considered by many to be the world's best.

It helps optimize and manage your computer and save lots of your time for the tasks. The file management software for Mac is now available to download. After you get the MacMaster tool on your computer, you can follow the guide below to manage Mac and learn how to free up space on MacBook Air, for example.

To clean up your Mac with the old files or caches, you can simply click on the "Clean" button. It also allows you to remove the repeated items on your Mac, wipe up unwanted apps and associated files, manage extensions and so on. Hazel, a file management tool developed by Noodlesoft, helps users easily manage your trash, uninstall applications, and automatically organize and clean files according to the rule you customized. Actually, the MacMater app particularly emphasizes on the cleaning tasks, while the Hazel for Mac attaches more importance to organize Mac automatically.

Now you can refer to the quick guide below to manage your Mac. Download and install Hazel for Mac. Then launch it on your computer. On the interface, you will see two sections: The "Folders" section is a list of the folder you want the app to organize. And the "Rules" section is a list of the rules you set up. Commander One Pro is a dual pane file manager and a best Finder alternative for Mac, which allows you to use two panels simultaneously with an unlimited number of tabs.

Besides, it is also packed with different of features to optimize your Mac and make it much easier to use. For example, you can set up to customize your own hotkeys, check multiple files and folders at once with its Brief mode, queue the operations accordingly and so on.

Now, let's see how to move and copy files from one place to another easily on your Mac with the File Manager Pro app. How are you supposed to know when you need to be home to collect certain packages? If you're a video connoisseur, or if you're always finding that you have to convert your videos to make them playable or streamable to all of your devices, then you're going to want HandBrake on your Mac, pronto.

This is one of the best OS X apps for video conversion, period. It's detailed enough to give power users plenty of options to play with, but it's also simple enough in its core functionality that even newbies will be able to figure out how to convert a video file from one type to another. Best of all, it's free.

We'd be surprised if you hadn't heard of this super-popular cloud storage service. Install Dropbox, and you'll get 2GB of cloud storage free.

The app dumps a simple Dropbox folder onto your Mac, and anything you drag into there will be synchronized with the cloud. You can head over to Dropbox's website to access these files remotely or download them to a separate device manually. Or, if you have multiple computers, anything in your Dropbox folder will be synchronized across all the other systems the app runs on. It's as easy as that — and cross-platform, too. What sets this media player apart is its ability to play — or stream — almost any non-DRM file you throw at it, all without requiring the installation of various codec packages.

Have an old audio file, camera footage or other piece of arcane media? VLC can get the job done. Sometimes, downloaded applications dump stuff all over your hard drive, and the standard uninstallation routine deleting the apps from your Finder doesn't get rid of all the extra stuff that came with them.

If you install AppCleaner, it will find these extra bits of data and delete them for you. When you want to uninstall an application, just pull up AppCleaner first; then drag the application you're removing into the AppCleaner window. It's as easy as that. AppCleaner finds all related files, and it'll give you a prompt to delete them when it's done searching. First, you can customize gestures and apply them to various actions on your laptop.

So, for example, you can open your favorite game by spelling the first letter of its name with your finger. You can even trigger multiple actions in a sequence so that tapping a certain way can start a chain reaction of actions on your system.

If you're more productive when keeping your hands on your keyboard at all times, then you need a quick and convenient way to move the windows around your desktop or laptop screen. Spectacle lets you shoot your open windows around your desktop or to other monitors using simple keyboard shortcuts. You can send the windows to pre-defined areas, such as the four quadrants of your main screen or your screen's horizontal or vertical thirds.

You can also shrink and expand windows as you see fit, all without touching your trackpad or mouse. If you have just a few applications installed, you're probably already feeling a bit overwhelmed. Take one glance at your Mac's menu bar, and it probably looks like a smorgasbord of icons.

Bartender helps you fix that by giving you a lot more control over this otherwise hands-off area of OS X. Though this app is expensive, it's worth every penny: You can take a bunch of the icons on your menu bar and hide them under a single icon, which keeps the top of your screen clutter-free until you need to access those apps for something. If you have some must-use icons, keep them on your menu bar; hide everything else for less of a visual headache. If you switched to a Mac because you thought the platform was free of viruses and malware, you should know that is no longer the case.

Fortunately, our current top pick for Free Mac antivirus software is not only easy to use, but also supports multiple machines. The power user's Twitter client started out on iOS, and its desktop counterpart is one of the best ways to use the social network on a Mac. Tweetbot provides all of the mute filter options you'll need to tune out hashtags, users and even keywords, and it syncs with its mobile sibling, so your streams are up to date on all platforms.

It also provides a multiple-tab view, so you can keep track of all of your lists at the same time. Best MacBook Decals and Skins. The Best Apple Laptops. In addition to all of the free apps that Apple gives to every Mac owner You lost me at the first sentence with that shill-like "Golly Gee" attitude followed with the list of mostly paid software titles available everywhere in different incarnations.

Most of these applications I use day by day. Have you ever heard of an application called "iClock PRO"? I really think this should be part of this top. I like two things to her: Very customizable alarms and break time that make me better organize the time spent in front of my computer. App Cleaner is Malware. I just tried and had to use a few different tools to remove it completely. Caffeine hasn't been update in years and doesn't really work well in OS X Use Amphetamine instead free, also on the Mac App Store.

This change makes me sad Funny also is that you are recommending apps which you don't even have a proper Mac screenshot form them. As if you read this stuff someplace else, and grabbed the images from google and post it. Funny that you should recommend Mailbox when it shut down in the last week: That is something I miss from my Linux days: No body wants to sell you anything. On Mac every App is paid.

On Linux you would have that for free. Because somebody was annoyed by all the icons, created this little program and shared it with other people. I never use the App Store. It is crowded with stupid pay apps. Don't get my wrong, I am willing to pay for good software and I think, that people who create good software deserve the money.

But on Mac every little App wants money. Love my Mac, but I hate that fact. Best and easiest that I could find. I dont trust companies even they say they are secure. Casey July 27,

30 free macOS apps every Mac user should have What used to require months of training and an expensive suite of software can now be accomplished with a single free app. Save On These Must. There are a bunch of great apps you can install on your Mac—no question there. Separating amazing apps from must-have apps is the hard part, and we don’t want you to spend hours analyzing the. The 10 must-have utilities for macOS Sierra Here’s the top 10 I recommend, a mix of free software, donationware, and inexpensive paid products. Whenever I have to use a Mac that doesn.