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What's New on Netflix Canada: New Releases
Promotional materials including but not limited to images, trailers, and videos all mentioned with sources in this site are copyright to their respective owners. What could go wrong? Will it ever come back? This one is about a year-old who has to provide for his family. But power and greed will soon get the best of him.

New Releases for Netflix Canada

New Releases on Netflix Canada (6th April 2018)

Harmonium foreign drama, Tadanobu Asano, Mariko Tsutsui — Japanese language story about a man, recently released from prison, becoming a less than welcome part the lives of an old friend and his family.

Her spirit will have superpowers and seek revenge. Now you can see it in Canada, too. Instant Streaming Available, Canada. Aimed at a preschool audience. Deep Undercover — Collection 3 docuseries — True stories about undercover police operations.

Hopefully that means all the seasons will stream! You can watch seasons 1 and 2 on Amazon Prime Streaming , though! Disobedience drama, Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams — Great cast for this drama about a woman returning to her childhood community.

Lean on Pete drama, Charlie Plummer, Steve Buscemi — This coming of age horse movie was supposed to come out on the 10th. This was supposed to come out on the 10th. Traffik thriller, Paula Patton, Omar Epps — Going to a cabin in the woods turns out to be a bad idea when a biker gang gets involved. This is a Swedish language series about managing a blended family.

How It Ends action, Theo James, Forest Whitaker — Mystery disaster creates havoc, man and future father in law go in search of fiancee. Comicstaan — Season 1 comedy competition — India looks for its next top comic in this Amazon Prime original.

Adams — Lucky Canada, gets this one streaming! Season 8 premiers on USA on the 18th of this month. Instant Streaming Available Canada Only. Drug Lords — Season 2 docuseries — More drug kingpin stories. No word on a third season. It looks like there may be a second season of this coming. Top of the queue!

He does not drink. I will definitely see this. This one is about a year-old who has to provide for his family.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Juventus — Season 1, Part 2 docuseries — More soccer madness! But there is a spinoff in the works focusing on two of the kids. Instant Streaming only, downloadable. This is an excellent movie. Instant Streaming Available, Canada Only.

There is a fourth season coming. This is the only season. Maybe an Australian TV show? The Comedy Line Up — Part 1 comedy special — A showcase where young comedians perform 15 minute sets. Finding Your Feet comedy, Imelda Staunton, Timothy Spall — Fun cast for this British comedy about a lady of a certain age coping after a divorce with the help of her older sister. Robinson — This is an actual bigfoot thriller!

It looks like season 4 will be Instant Streaming Only, downloadable. Instant Streaming Only for now, downloadable. We, the Marines documentary — Narrated by Gene Hackman, this looks very much like a Marines propaganda film. What We Started documentary — Electronic dance music doc. Do you have any seasons of the Originals streaming yet?

Hi, The is listed as August 15, in Australia, just wondering if and when we will have it available, thanks Karon. Maybe it will be the same as Canada? Still waiting for that one. A and would like to know when Altered Carbon S2 will be released on Netflix. Thanks for the kind words! All we know so far about Altered Carbon Season 2 is that Anthony Mackie will be starring — no release date has been announced. It was only recently renewed, so it might be a while.

Do you know when Suits, season 7, episodes will be available on Netflix Canada? Nope, no word yet on the remaining episodes of Suits — will let you know when I see anything! On the final season of The Americans coming to Amazon, I think you mean season 6 rather than season 5. Season 5 is already on Amazon. Will put it on the list when I find anything out! Good Witch 4 was supposed to come out already and did not show up.

It is out on DVD for disc subscribers. You can get Dr. Will put it on the list when I do! Netflix can be an enigma sometimes! Bones needs to make a comeback to Netflix. Will it ever come back? I wish I knew if Bones would be back. The Kettering Incident still shows the second season as in production, and Fleabag is set for sometime in You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time!

There is an unsubscribe link on every issue. Suits Season 6 just came out for you all in late January, so I imagine Season 7 is going to be a while. It looks like series 6 of Father Brown finished airing on the 12th of January — not sure what that means in terms of when it will arrive at Netflix. Tired of searching movies only to have it speak a foreign language and have to start searching over again.

But if you check this list, I always indicate if something is not in English at the beginning of the description. No information yet as to when. Will Bones be added to Netflix again any time in When will it be available in either format on Netflix? Both of the other NCIS flavors have been out for some time. Iron Fist was renewed for a second season in July.

Hi can u tell me when heartland is going to be putting season 11 on as season 10 went on a month after it started on tv. Are you in the US? Sometimes dates differ from country to country. But I have my eye on it — will put it on the list as soon as I find anything out! I just finished watching season 7 of Offspring. Be sure you check it out when you can.

I guarantee you will enjoy it. Sending best wishes from the Seattle area. Offspring is up next for us, you never know when there will be a mystery bail out of a series people really love!! Two of my go to favs!

This is very disappointing! I assume a lot of these things fall under contract negotiations and such. If you reach out and get a good response, let us know! This spring, the CW shows came to streaming 7 days after the end of the TV season!

Hopefully that will continue. Season 10 of Murdoch is available now if you have a disc subscription. Father Brown Season 5 is still listed as Unknown. Hi again, Gloria — while updating the list today, I see that Father Brown series 5 is streaming now! There is a season 6, but it is not out. AHS Season 6 is coming out in October!

That will be the DVD date — not sure if the streaming date will be the same, but will keep an eye out. Wish I could be more help! Grimm season 6 is available now on DVD for people with disc subscriptions. She also has a Netflix show under the same name. Ooooooh Sue, you will just love Offspring!

Quirky, romantic, sexy and fun, fun, fun!!! Enjoy cobber Are you up on your Aussie slang? If not, means, friend. Anyone else that has not checked it out, be sure to do so.

Have you had an opportunity to check out Offspring from our Aussie Cobbers? Season 7 should be available soon, but I would love to know when???? You would know more than I do, do you know anything? The cast is exceptional and I want more and more and more lol. Sending a cyberwave your way. Just added Offspring to my list! But I love knowing that I still have 6 seasons ahead of me — binge time! Hi-when will season 3 of Resurection Ertugrul be coming to Netflix?

We really enjoyed the first 2 season. Thanks for your reply. Hi Sue, Thanks again, for the list! So glad to see iZombie is coming July 5th! I have not seen any of season 3, I waited for it to be released on Netflix, cuz I wanna binge watch it!! And yes, Okja was very cute, and also held a powerful message. An Seo Hyun was adorable and brilliant as Mija! Was also happy to see Steven Yuen! I miss him in TWD. Hope to see more of him in the future. Yes, I was glad to see iZombie as well! I have about 7 episodes still to watch, and would much rather watch them without having to buzz through commercials.

No information yet on the third season. Season 6 of Homeland? Season 5 of Homeland started streaming on Oct 11, in the U.

I was wondering as well if they just didnt anticipate the demand well. Glad to hear it isnt just me! Nearly 3 months now.

Never had a movie come even close to this long to get mailed to us been a Netflix user for 14 years On four or five occasions it showed as available the day I mailed back another movie… and then the next day it was back to some sort of Wait. Wondering if this is an anomaly or if others have been experiencing it.

I had the exact same experience with this movie. When will season 5 Nashville be available. If Netflix picks up shows and leaves us out cold missing the balance of shows I have no choice but to avoid further disappointment and not watch. Season 5 of Nashville is still listed as Unknown.

Thanks for stopping to leave this super-constructive comment! It is available on DVD for disc subscribers. Great work on this. For example, I had Silicon Valley Season 3 saved in my queue for months. There are 7 shows that I have been waiting on for several seasons. I bought a Roku 2 several years ago for the one purpose of curling up in bed and binging on my favorite shows… without having to sit in an uncomfortable, upright position in front of my computer so I can stream them.

Hopefully someone can tell me when these shows are ever going to catch up on Netflix. I am getting quite frustrated. Supernatural, Criminal Minds, N.

SVU, and Person of Interest. Most of the time, a show will be a full season behind what the network is airing. Supernatural is finishing its 12th season on the WB. The other shows you asked about: Criminal Minds — season 12 still airing on network, season 11 available streaming NCIS — season 14 airing now — season 13 available on streaming Blue Bloods — season 7 airing now, season 6 streaming The — 4th season airing, 3rd season streaming SVU — 18th season airing, 17th season streaming but this one only has 4 most recent seasons streaming Person of Interest ended after season 5 — all 5 seasons are streaming.

Thank you for this work! I always appreciate the e-mails and link to the site to see the latest added. Thank you for distinguishing DVD vs Streaming. Thanks for recently adding commentary about additional seasons to come, whether a series is cancelled or not, and other data relevant to those of us who endeavor to binge watch only completed series!

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The Newest and Best Releases on Netflix Canada and Netflix around the World! If you're looking for the complete catalogue listing of What's New on Netflix . What’s New on Netflix Canada Today! The Best Source for New Movies & TV Show Releases. Netflix Features a particularly robust library to choose from, but you might find it difficult to keep up with all the newest additions. March has just begun already, and once again we are lucky enough to see loads of new and exiting tiles come to Canadian Netflix. A total of 54 titles have.