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How To Fix No Internet Access in Windows 10
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A Way To Solve Nigeria’s Electricity Problem And Drive The Growth Of Businesses

The Opinion and Analysis section is committed to nation building efforts through empowering expert writers to air their views on the best ways to solve national issues and move nations forward. I support full privatization of the whole system… this in my opinion will enable us grow faster as a nation and as people! I mean thank you sir this is the best article I have read on the electricity problem in Nigeria and posdible solution.

But then again, Full privatization in a nation like Nigeria might be very difficult to achieve because of the corruption that has consumed the system, its so sad that everything in this country has been politicized, even the well being of the people. Every minister before coming on board always seem to have a perfect solution to the problem. Over two years after his appointment as minister for power, the power problem seems yet unfixed. You are straight to point Stan, full privatization would do a lot of good.

I think another solution to this menace is using waste to generate electricity, I mean we have tons and tons of waste littered all over the country causing more harm than good. I believe the transmission lines should first be expanded to a very wide capacity before generating what cannot be transmitted.

Hi I patent a load reducer device, can i send it, the working discruption to you to get your inputs on this. Hi Stan I did not have a website, i did have a DVD of it that i can send to you, or the working discription that i can mail to you. I am busy to create a Webside, will let you know you when its ready so that you can give me your inputs of the Remotely Actuated Energy reduce Device.

With this any Country can solved their energy crisis, this is not the smart meter, but even better. The website is http: Will await your comments on this device, I realy think this is the solution that can resolved the Energy crisis in Africa. Hi Stan Did you read the working document of http: We need investors on this to solve this electricity problems of Africa.

Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. About Stan Edom I'm an entrepreneur with an expertise in supply chain management, small business development, e-commerce, internet startups, and agriculture.

In my spare time, I'm always trying to solve problems people face in their everyday lives with tech. Stan Edom - January 5th, at 2: Thank you for the comment, Gbenga. Sandra - January 5th, at 1: Transmission Company of Nigeria cannot and should not be fully privatised. Thank you for the comment, Sandra. Stan Edom - January 6th, at 8: Can anyone tell me how to delete the registry entries. I am not able to delete them.

For me, the following steps helped to eliminate the Commercial Use Suspected issue on Windows 7 x64 Enterprise:. I never knew that, I still prefer mstsc. I already sent email to TV , do not have reply. Did any body solve this problem. Since we started using a proxy server at work zscaler , I am unable to get teamviewer portable to connect to my home pc. Theres a place to enter the proxy information manually, but I have no idea of what the IP address or port are. Any suggestions on getting around this?

I am using version 4x. Lew — I respect their product too and have a commercial license now and happy to have one: I hope people do not mis use this, and since this is a genuine problem at times, may be team at teamviewer should look into this. Let me search a bit online and try to find a solution if any. But I hope this method is not used otherwise, where people actually use it for commercial purpose and try to save their skin.

I have a different problem. My computer is running Linux and my only way to run Teamviewer is in a VBox session. Will this process work to reset to personal use?

Hi Experts, I used TV for a long time and followed the same instructions one of my friend systems. I find another tool also called Perfect Uninstaller. I am not sure how the tool will work on Team viewer License issue. I think it remove all the registry keys created by TV. What did I have to do: Sam same issue with windows 7 and TV5. I can no longer use TV at all, even with the tips listed in the OP. Hello want to use TV 5 on Vista with life time.. There is a free substitute for Teamviewer that is Ammyy Admin, download from http: Just like TeamViewer, your host connects to an echo server and receives an ID.

Enter it into your client id window and click connect. Like TeamViewer, all communications are fully encrypted. Marcelo — thanks for posting it. I should take some time off soon and will work on a solution for it. There should be some way for sure! I think TV may be probably counting how many remote ID have you being connecting to. I tried almost everything — I restarted system after cleaning the registry, I cleaned registry of ALL teamviewer entries, I searched ALL hard drives for teamviewer directories and nothing — teamviewer ID stays the same.

Gilbert — Check if this helps: I gave her the instructions found here to delete the TV folder from the appdata and to delete it from the registry But when she re-installed it again, it told her that it has expired and gave her the same ID number she had before.

I wonder if there is any other registry key where TV version 5 checks the expiry date. Hi there, I recently used Teamviewer to resolve a programming problen with some expert or the other. I was the payer of course. Paul — Interesting problem. When I can do is, research thoroughly and see if there has been any such problem and solution for such a problem.

Remove Teamviewer, delete folder Teamviewer 2. Now your MAC was changed. Re setup Teamviewer is there a way to go back up to 5 min.. Have anybody discovered how to do this on Windows Vista as I wrote on comments ? Maybe all of you can try this: Re setup Teamviewer and Enjoy it now.

Mark — I had similar problem when I was working with a client. I actually have a real commercial licence but when I clone workstations the ID gets cloned too. The method worked fine on Windows XP, but for some reason on Windows Vista have probably recorded another registry key or something we are missing.

Marcelo, as someone mentioned its enough to remove the registry entry and the appdata-folder. Please try tht and let me know. Marcelo — Were you able to find the teamviewer folder? Frankly, this has nothing to do with the version of windows.

If you were able to install teamviewer on your system, then you should be able to get rid of this problem. Do you know of a reliable method to do this on Vista? If you encounter any strange problem, do post it here. We can try to find some solution […]. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Advertise. I have the same question Nyima Yonten Replied on December 24, Hi Nader, Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community.

The issue could occur if there is connectivity issues. To assist you better, please provide the information: Click on Search bar. Click on View All on the left panel of the screen. Then click on Network Adapter. Then click on Next and follow the instructions. Reply to us with the information, so that we can assist you better.

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How satisfied are you with this response? Nader Saeid Khater Replied on December 25, In reply to Nyima Yonten's post on December 24, Hi Nyima Yonten Thank you for your help, i'd like to inform you that there is no error massage in the phone or Laptop and every thing seems to be good but no internet in the phone i tried the troubleshooting method and it reply with "Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem" also i am sure with mobile hotspot configuration as i am already connected with no error.

Nader Saeid Khater Replied on December 26, Nyima Yonten Replied on December 29, In reply to Nader Saeid Khater's post on December 26, Hi Nader, Thank you for your response with the current status of the issue. What is the make and model of the Computer? Refer to the below methods and check if it helps. If the issue still persist, refer to the below method.

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Jul 22,  · How to solve a limited access problem over a wireless network; Wireless limited access windows 7; Atheros ar5b97 wireless network adapter problem accessing specific wireless netw. Apr 08,  · After Upgrading to Windows 10 in my Laptop (LENEVO B) i tried to use the feature of mobile hotspot. while i connected to the internet by my USB modem, every thing is going good and when i am connected with my phone (NEXUS 5) to the network created by turning on mobile hotspot there is no internet access although there is internet access . Here I fix no internet access and limited internet connection in Windows So follow simple steps to fix internet issues in Windows