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Hiding IP and Mac address
Oct 16, Messages: Sep 26, Messages: Unless someone wants to violate the Law, which is written to protect you from them, and not written to use you to help make their profits. Yes but they can still track the starbucks Ip address and the router MAC address at that location. If one predicts where this multiple entity, multiple standards and highly complex and variable equation goes, eventually they can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want with your data, for any reason that they decide, and the standards for your privacy will be handed to you by THEM, in the fine print of some document labeled "Terms of Service", much like the language that you agree to when you use a Microsoft product, or that yearly document you get from the Bank. There's a secondary conversational thread that has to do with Java and whether or not it's possible for a website owner to interrogate a browser's computer for the MAC.

STEP #2 to hide IP address on Mac OS X (Firefox)

Tips on how to hide your MAC address

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STEP #1 for Firefox

May 26,  · You can't "Hide" an IP address or mac address. That is how the networking equipment identifies you so that you can send and receive data over the network. A proxy may help you get around the firewall, . Hiding IP address is enough. Website can't know your MAC address. They can only know your IP address. So web proxy or proxy software is enough for you. If you really want to hide MAC address, you can modify your MAC address by Regedit on Windows. STEP #2 to hide IP address on Mac OS X (Firefox) Go to the " Advanced " tab, then click the " Network " tab. In the section " Configure how Firefox connects to the internet ", choose " Settings ".