What is a Static IP VPN & How Can You Purchase One?

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While it's true your Internet Service Provider provides your IP address, you can control who actually sees it. This specific number is called as its IP address and serves two specific purposes namely, location addressing and network interface identification. Also, if you face any query, then you can contact their twenty-four hours chat support system. Or visiting a website that offers free movies and TV shows knowing that it could get you in trouble with law enforcement? Most devices use dynamic IP addresses, which are assigned by the network when they connect and change over time.

Dynamic IP address got you down?

Dynamic DNS

When you use a VPN that supports Dynamic IP mode, your privacy is reinforced because not only your IP is changed, but also your connection is encrypted. This protects your data from eavesdropping, hacking and other threats.

Small businesses and large households with many devices, may also be better off using Dynamic IP address to suit specific requirements. A router can be used to run the VPN across multiple devices. A software that allows DHCP set up can be used to assign IP addresses automatically to each device connected through the router. With servers in countries, PureVPN has one of the most extensive networks available in the VPN industry, in terms of global coverage.

They offer practical features such as split tunneling and kill switch and there are no logs kept of your online activities. Furthermore, the provider is based in Panama, which means that it is not subject to mandatory data retention laws.

They have servers in over 50 countries and offer shared, dynamic IPs for those who want to cover their trace when they are connected to internet. Known for offering low prices and great customer support, ibVPN is a service that will allow you to keep your privacy protected and to bypass online restrictions effectively. Thanks to their free trial, you can test the service for 6 hours to find out if it is right for you. LiquidVPN is a provider that offers a high level of security and practical features like IP modulation, which ensures that your IP address is changed regularly.

HideMyAss offers an impressive network with servers in over countries and more than , IP addresses available. You can switch between IP addresses without limits and they are assigned dynamically.

HideMyAss also offers good speeds for streaming, gaming and browsing. They are well-known in the industry and offer additional options like proxy and anonymous email. Your email address will not be published. IP Address Every computer or digital device within a network that establishes communication with other machines over internet, has an specific number assigned to differentiate it from other devices. What is the difference between Static and Dynamic IP addresses?

Why do you need Dynamic IP? This IP address will never seize to be available for you because it is only assigned to you and no other LimeVPN user. The best thing about the static IP is that each time you connect to the internet; you are assigned the same IP, which conceals your real IP address by the same server.

The only challenging part of our static IP address is associated with the server in use. Then again, if you connect to another different server; you will have to buy a static IP from the server you are connected to. If you fail to do so, you will be assigned IP addresses dynamically from the pool. With our static IP address you are presented with a stable connection regardless of the fact that the connection is predictable.

This kind of IP address is useful for running IP application. This involves a scenario in which a third-party has to access a server or a computer. You should also know that the cost may vary accordingly depending on the location of your desired static IP address. When requesting, we expect you to state your preferred location and how you are going to use your static IP address. A Complete gamer and a Tech Geek.

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VPN SERVICE. SPEED TEST. BLACKLIST CHECK. TRACE EMAIL. CHANGE IP. COMMUNITY. Home» Learn» IP Addresses It's the difference between a dynamic vs. static IP address. W hen you sign up with an Internet Service Provider you will either end up with a static IP address or a dynamic IP address. What's the difference between the . Hide Your IP Address With Our Dynamic IP VPN Service A Dynamically assigned public IP address from LiquidVPN is like having uncensored broadband Internet access in countries all over the world. Surf Anonymously. Free Dynamic DNS service provider since Point your dynamic IP address to a static hostname for free. Sign up today!