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Today when I plugged it into the charger the LED light came on showing that it was charging. I have also deleted and uninstalled most of the apps and videos I have had on my phone. My question is does it makes sense to get a prepaid sim card first then later change to contract post paid once the Germab bank account sorted out. For more information, please see the FreedomPop UK website. Listed below are the most recent sites that we choose […]. My Samsung Note 4 is working well until last week.

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Best prepaid wireless plans for 2018: US Cellular, Tracfone, FreedomPop and more

Do you know if there is such thing as a cooling off period in Germany? If so, would you happen to know what such a regulation is called in Germany? Check the contract details. Hi Bastien, I am also very grateful for all information I found on your blog, it made my life in Berlin much easier.

I am also looking at buying a Simply card. Can I only do the regestration on their own website? Thank you in advance,. Well done for the exceptional work in the whole website. I can not properly describe how much this have helped me so far while trying to settle in Berlin.

I have one question on this topic though. This means that its less than a year and as far as i saw the least duration for a contract is a year.

I mean can i terminate it earlier or so? Do i have to notify them before i leave or what? Hi, I will be studying in Germany soon and I know what I need a german phone number to open a bank account. Will a prepaid card already give me a local number that I can receive calls? Adding to my last question: Thank you for your article. Do you know if N26 is enough for a German bank account? They also said that their criteria for denial are secret ….

Thank you for the very informative blog! I will be living in Berlin for 8 months probably. Since I will be here for 8 months and I already have my own phone I want a contract that is SIM only and goes per month. You recommend Simply, which looks really good to me. I guess it will be fine in Berlin, but do you know how it is in other places in Germany? And in other countries in Europe with the free roaming? Thank you so much! I just check the rate today, I found that Lycamobile with my plan first buy only cost 9.

I think I was cheated in the Hamburg Airport? However, Lycamobile did a good job. I have used google map go all over my small town to find a room, and the line is really fluent and smooth.

I am a master student from Malaysia, is going to stay for 2 years here. Do you have any recommendations of data plan which provide 5 GB data plan monthly and usable in Europe countries as well? Because I need to travel to other Europe countries sometimes for my studies or travel.

Do you think Lycamobile still is the best for my current circumstances? I had always get lost and might need google map to bring me to all destination mostly. Thank you very much!

Hi Tee, if you plan to move a lot Lycamobile is a great and flexible option. You pay a little bit more for the flexibility but it might be worth it in your case. However, I need more data because I need to call Home frequently.

How to I add on data because the website is in German and I am not able to find such info. Can I convert my prepaid number to contract? Hi, thanks for such an informative blog. I am new here in Stuttgart and found the same issue with O2 with very low data capacity. Apart of all the details you have provided, Can you also write something regarding Phone exchange policy as if somebody is holding a new version of phone and want to get the latest one.

Is that a easy thing to do here in Germany to have some exchange policy or offers? You can sign-up for special contracts allowing you to receive a new phone every year or so. Exchanges per say, i have never heard of it in Germany. Does O2 have the same issues in store or will I be able to purchase with my passport for ID? Hello, I am arriving to Berlin soon.. I want to buy a sim card sim card immediately after I land. Hi I am a international student from Nepal coming to Germany for my higher studies!

Am i eligible to buy mobile phones in monthly installments along with the connection plan right after I come there? Buying a mobile phone with monthly installments will require you to have a good SCHUFA score, otherwise the operator will refuse your request. Find a cheap phone or find an offer with a one-off fee for the phone.

Thank you in advanced! Hi Claudia, any of the suggestions in the article work. Lyca mobile is also a good suggestion in your situation. This is very helpful. But I have an interesting case. I will be in Germany for a year and I use a lot of data, and might make calls to the US.

For these reasons I was looking at a contract. What can I do? You might want to go for prepaid or alternatively, go for Preis24 and compare month-to-month plans to be sure to get the best deals. The most GB I can find is 4. Am I looking in the wrong places? Sorry to bother again! I assume you will not only use a cell phone but also a laptop or tablet? Or do you want to use solely your cell phone?

You could sign a 24 Months contract with a major provider like Telekom or Vodafone. So you could call the US from home landline simply buy a cheap phone and talk as long as you want and use your internet connection with unlimited data at home. Included in the 42 Euro is the unlimited data for internet fast connection , the modem, a landline flat rate for German landlines and the international flat rate region one as described above.

Call my friends in the US all the time, even their cell phones, never paid an extra fee. If you intend to stream tv shows etc. If this is not an option, you can ask your friends and family in the US to download the Whats app app to their smart phones. Here you can send messages, pictures, videos and even call for free when connected to wifi.

I will be touring Germany for 9 months, before settling in Berlin. Can you give any advice please? Love the site — you are great! Otherwise, take a prepaid sim card for normal use and upload your videos at night, whenever you have wifi. Hi I am planning to be in Berlin for 3 months, looking for a phone plan which will allow me to also use GPS google maps and have internet connectivity for social media.

Yes, most of pre-paid plans have data included in them, which allows you to have Google Maps and Social Media. I have had exceptionally bad experiences with mobilcom. I took mobilcom as a mobile carrier in August 8, at 2: August 7, at 2: However, if you don't want to receive this, you can disable it using the dropdown menu below: Learn more and manage cookies.

Check Coverage in Australia. Check Coverage in Austria. Check Coverage in Belgium. Check Coverage in Brazil. Check Coverage in Bulgaria. Check Coverage in Chile. Check Coverage in Colombia. Check Coverage in Costa Rica. Check Coverage in Croatia. Check Coverage in Cyprus. Check Coverage in Czech Republic. Check Coverage in Denmark. Check Coverage in Estonia.

Check Coverage in El Salvador. Check Coverage in Finland. Check Coverage in France. Check Coverage in Germany. Check Coverage in Gibraltar. Check Coverage in Greece. Check Coverage in Guatemala. Check Coverage in Guernsey. Check Coverage in Hong Kong.

Check Coverage in Hungary. Check Coverage in Iceland. Check Coverage in Indonesia. Check Coverage in Ireland. Check Coverage in Isle of Man. Check Coverage in Israel. Check Coverage in Italy. Check Coverage in Jersey. Check Coverage in Latvia. Check Coverage in Liechtenstein. Check Coverage in Lithuania. Check Coverage in Luxembourg. Check Coverage in Macau. Check Coverage in Malta.

Check Coverage in Netherlands. Check Coverage in New Zealand. Check Coverage in Norway. Check Coverage in Poland. Check Coverage in Portugal. Check Coverage in Puerto Rico. Check Coverage in Romania. Its only a year old. All of a sudden, it wont allow me to download videos i purchased in the google play music and tv app. It has been going on for a couple months now and i cant get anything to download now on this phone.

I dont know how to fix it and i cant find any information of anyone else who may be having the same issues. My phone was telling me that messages failed. The messages were actually delivered. The first message that i sent after makimg the change did not fail. However, my next message did fail.

Therefore, making this change did not work. It solved the the messaging issue that i was having. Galaxy S6 edge plus text messages are combining texts that are received even though it wasnt a group message.

Leave blank MMS Proxy: Leave blank MMS Port: I did this and still have not had success. Or am I going to have to find another provider for a SIM card?

I have a Samsung J7 Prime …please assist because I reset the phone, clean caches etc…. I was using my phone last night and i think over the night, the battery drained, so in the morning i plugged it in, it was working normal. After 1 hour, i came to use my phone, and after 10 seconds of using it, it just restarted randomly. I tried going to recovery and tried restarting and it came even worser.

It said i have no OS installed. So then i download the official firmware and used odin to install it. I have fixed that and it still wont load phone properly. So, now i have found what the problem is, but i think its my battery. If i keep my phone plugged in, it works normal. As soon as i remove it shuts off and show the samsung logo forever. I left like that for like maybe 6hrs and the battery still is on, but it doesnt have enough power to boot up.

It can only boots if i plug in. My Note 4 started crashing when the battery was low and I tried taking pictures. I bought a new battery and no change, did a factory reset and no change. Now it crashes using random apps and then boot loops and comes up with an error message saying that an unauthorized system was downloaded and the phone is locked.

I plug it in and the phone boots and the error message is gone. I have never rooted my phone and did the reset through the settings in the phone. Galaxy s5 always runs either really slow, or freezes while mirroring. Daughter dropped her Samsung Galaxy s5 in water.

She thought it was fine and kept using it. Then she turned it off and put it in rice. The moisture sensor on both the phone and battery are still white. After this, her battery was draining quickly. She put a fairly new battery in and it still drains fast. The Samsung keyboard app is off. I tried to reset it, and use my finger print to open, but need to use password first.

Same as alot of others. Samsung galaxy 7, android OS. When sending text messages, it says messages failed when it fact it goes through. Have tried all the suggestions online. Even reset to factory settings. This happened after the latest upgrade. Is there anything at all I can do? I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I then connected another phone to the charger to test the charger but it charged fine. The phone was 2 years old on the 16th of this month,can it be the battery or is there a bigger problem?

I currently have a Blackberry which syncs perfectly with MS Outlook I am currently looking at a Samsung S8, but want to be sure that it too will sync contacts, calendar and email with MS Outlook Is this possible and if so, how? Although the person im sending to gets the text on my end i get a failed. This problem started after the last update went through.

I am having the same problem with my s7 as many people on here have commented. Saying texts have failed but are actually going through.

How can this be fixed? I own an S6, Verizon. Stuck on Android v5 Constantly says so much updates are up to date. It is on version 6. Now, today, both phones were notified of an update available. Updated and installed on both. Too appx 10 minutes. What the hell was this?! I checked the status. How can I update?! Last week my Galaxy S7 did a software update. Now my text messages say failed, despite the fact they are going to the person.

I have done countless things. Restarted the phone 20 times, empty the cache for messages, called my service provider and nothing works. It is is an international phone but unlocked. I have been using it thru Metropcs. Suddenly a letter E poped up instead 4 G. I swicthed to TMobile the 4 G still not working. T mobile has gone thru all the options for troubleshooting nada. They say they have been upgrading the network system aome phone might be affected but it has been months and months.

If I try to fix it nothing happens but when I leave it for months it seems to work for a month or more. Hi, I seem to be having a problem with my Sony experience X with texting. I currently use the default app and SwiftKey app to text. But for certain contacts only people I text a lot when I open a previous conversation to reply the entire app will sometimes freeze and load the pop up to wait for it or close the app. I have noticed that when I go into messenger if I click a conversation with only 1 message in first then all the other conversations will work fine.

When I try to send a text on my galaxy s7 it sends me a failed to send message. The messages are actually going through though. However I can still send multimedia messages and they go through. Thus started happening after the most recent update. My phone says sms message has failed whennud has actually sent. A network or sever error occured. I am having an issue with my message app. Only one contact I cannot send a message to.

Which is a family member. It stopped working abut 2 to 3 weeks ago. I have went into to sethings made sure I didnt accidentally block her and I havent. My samsung galaxy s7 recently done a system update ever since the update when i send a text i get a failed message but the person is getting my texts since they reply. I have restarted everything and done a factory reset. I have a note 4. I noticed from a month that my mobile signals are 1 always whereas my friends mobole signals are 3 or 4.

When i go outside it changes to max 3 where my frienda mobile signals are 4 or 5. Please suggest something asap. S7 phone can connect to modems and routers I have, but will not connect to internet.

Other peoples phones and my laptop can connect to same modems and routers and WAPs no problem. I can connect to phone hotspots and other wi fis. Thanks for your time. I had no option than hard reset then the phone works fine then again when I restarted the same problem occurred. Its this simple, my signal has dropped and it is not coming up back.

How do I fix this?? Hi, I woke up to see four horizontal grey coloured lines across the screen of my galaxy S6 edge. It is not pleasant. Please could it be removed? Hello, my Samsung S4 has got a black screen. Other indicators can light up and the phone still rings when a call comes in. I have tried to reboot many times, like take the battery out, hold down the power button for several minutes, and then power on as some articles suggest.

When the problem first shew, there was light greenish lines on the screen. They were able to go away and I used the phone a little bit. I dried it using hair dryer also. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 have had battery replaced, screen replaced, completed reset factory settings with your guidance. Will need to removed battery for it to turn on,and then it will repeat the same thing. I am in the exact same problem as ourpeanuts2 is.

I have done a restore, I even did a factory reset. Still having the exact problem. Please help me find a solution.

This was the first phone I ever spent so much money on and I can not get any help from Samsung support. They told me to go to BestBuy?? Please, Please help me keep my faith with Samsung Phones.

So about 1 week ago my s7 did an over night software update. When I woke up in the morning it said that my phone had been restarted for a software update. I have been in contact with my provider that says my texts are actually being delivered however my phone tells me they ARE NOT. I confirmed this by sending a message to my childs phone and they received it but my phone told me it failed to send.

My carrier has tried everything to fix this problem. I called Samsung and they state the phone works normally and no problems that its with the carrier. I have done google searches that show many many people are experiencing this same issue despite doing all the steps you state on your trouble shooting guide.

I have done them as well and its not fixing the problem. How can we get Samsung to recognize there is a problem and fix it? Has anyone been successful at fixing this error on the s7 after the most recently software update? I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. My dad recently just replaced the charging port on it. He had tried to replace it at least 3 days ago, and had the wrong size for the phone.

He thinks it may be a connector he missed. It was apart for the few days we were waiting for the right port. If the camera is perfectly mounted and the telescope is in perfect focus, the samsung j7 perx camera will correctly autofocus on the sun or moon. However it is VERY difficult to get a camera to look through a lens or telescope without precision equipment to measure, align and repeat the process. If alignment is slightly off the camera will focus upon reflections on the primary, or the spider, or the reflector.

My galaxy s4 will no longer turn on. I went to a technician and he stated that it is a software issue and not a hardware issue. Do you have any suggestions? I bought so many mobile from this brand. I have a Samsung Note 5 and starting five days ago, all texts sent to my husband have failed to send after 24 hours.

My Samsung galaxy s6 has been powering off if not connected to a charger. Is there any way to fix all this without money? My Samsung s5 has become very very slow for some reason. Also my laptop wont connect to it when I turn in the hotspot. It always used to connect as I have used it to do so for over a year now. I contacted Tesco mobile my network provider and having checked everything their end,they said that it is probably my phone but they woukd send a new sim,which they did,but no difference unfortunately.

So,can you advise me in what to do next olease. I have write down all my phone contacts took ages so do I need to write down all my email contacts too and anything else to that matter. Very frustrated and need help please??? Hello I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and recently after an update none of my contacts seem to sync anymore.

I go to the contacts app and it just constantly says updating contact list…. I still see my messages but it only shows me the numbers I have sent the texts to not the names that should be there. What can I do to fix this and in the worst case scenario at least save all my contacts somewhere I can recover them if I need to do a reset. I have a Samsung Note 4 phone and it is not fast charging at all for the last 6 months or so. Suddenly one month back the fast charging started working for 2 days and then stopped since then.

I tried all of the troubleshooting steps mentioned in these forums but no luck yet. Hoping you can help me fix my issue. I have reset it but it still happens. Hello, I have the Samsung Note 5. When I am at a concert the lights are bright in the arena. Sometimes it is too bright to video tape.

Should I turn the lights off on the note 5? How would you set up the note 5 to video tape an event in an arena. My S7 is getting text messages but since about 3 days ago it stopped telling me when my messages would come through. No notifications for them or anything. Can this be sorted as frustrating. The problem starts while the phone is on.

However, everything on the phone seems to work fine; no obvious software issues. I should also note that the phone has not been anywhere close to running out of battery when this happens. This is my last resort before buying a new phone and losing everything that is on this one. I cant take clear photos at all.

The noise comes on whenever i access the Camera. Please help me out on what could be the cause and how i can overcome it. My Samsung Galaxy 5S has no network, no matter what sim is placed inside. I have contacted my mobile supplier and stated that the board needs to be replaced. I have read your article and reset the whole phone and still no network, tried a few sims that do work in a Galaxy 4S.

Hi My samsung note4 drops netwrk signls. It picks signls on roofs or in open place still not picks signls in open floor room. How can i solve this issue. It started heating up for a period of time then started cooling down. I left it at that overnight then I started to press the power button and volume up, still no luck. I tried charging it but it only heats up and still stays as a black screen no LED lights. Please help me and thank you!. I just bought a Samsung galaxy S8 two days ago because I wanted Bixby.

The Bixby button works great, but the settings in the Bixby home do not work. Also I am unable to open the alerts in the Bixby home menu. I did a factory reset and cleared all of the apps cache and made sure everything on my phone was up to date. I called tech support and they want me to mail my phone in for repair. It really seems to just be with that software. Thanks for taking time to read this. Hi About a week ago my phone started acting funny. The screen will freeze during random assignments.

Random app or just checking mail. Some times as a result of this freeze the phone restarts and its back to normal. At least until the next time the screen freezes. The screen goes black and becomes unresponsive. My problem is i cant turn off my phone or do any of the other reboots or soft battery disconnects that is recommended. I have to wait until the phone has drained my battery and turns off.

Then i can charge it again and use as normal. Until it happens again. Has done this 3 times this past week. No idea what to do about this. The phone is only 4 months old. Got a damaged screen but that happened 3 months ago and never influenced its use.

Avez vous une solution avant que je retourne en magasin? My Galaxy J5 was scheduled to complete an overnight software upgrade. After the upgrade my phone will not boot up. The phone gets stuck in a loop and I have to take the battery out to stop it.

I have tried loading the boot menu using the volume, home and power buttons but nothing happens and the phone goes into loop again. Any ideas how to fix this?

I dropped my Galaxy Note 4 from about 3 feet high. It did not seem to hit hard at all, but now my screen is black, there is a little blue blinking light in the top left corner. Truth is I have dropped it harder in the past and all was fine. I see that I am not the only one with this problem after reading these issues other people are having. I have a galaxy s7, and the latest samsung update came thru a few days ago. Since that update, my texts still are going thru fine, but at my end it just spins as it goes, the exclamation point comes up, and then it shows as a failed text message.

Please advise on how this is going to be fixed…. I want thw most current text message to be the first one i see whwn i open the message app. Example i have 5 people who text me. It used to be this way and now i might get a text from someone and they are like 20 people down. My Samsung S6 fell into the ocean yesterday. I rinsed it under fresh water and sat it on the dashboard of my car while the heater was on to try dry it out.

When I got home I put the phone into a container of rice and sat it in the hot water cupboard over night. Any tips to get it working again? Is just really nerve-wracking to not know what triggers this issue but i beg for your help since i am going crazy and my phone is perfectly good otherwise. It all started when charging it, sometimes just sometimes after a while the screen went unresponsive while charging, but all the remain buttons worked, led lights worked, buttons below blinking, i received calls, heard notifications, even able to unlock the phone through the swipe just cant see anything in the screen.

I have a hunch that is when the phone gets hot but i can not be sure really. I just had to sit and wait for the screen to come back with no average time when it did so 1 min, 5 min, 15 min.. I have drop it some time in the past of course but has never been followed by any problems.

Battery charges fine although battery life has of course diminished a bit, as i said my phone has about 2. I am out of guarantee of course and dont know what to do. Ill appreciate ANY help, thanks! When sending a text from my Galaxy Edge they look completely fine! All neat and in one note! However, when my recipients receive the text it is jumbled into 5 or 6 blocks, depending on the length of the text, all out of order and nearly impossible to decipher!

I have checked settings but no help! It usually happens on a skype call, but has now started appearing at anytime? I cant find any app or notification to figure out what has started.. Is there a way to turn on sound for notifications only, and have the ringtone volume on vibrate or silent? Is there a way to turn the lowest notification volume setting even lower?

The lowest setting is still pretty loud. Is there a way to turn the incoming phone call notifications off? My Galaxy Note 4 is stuck on 5. Downloads the patch fine, reboots and then unfailingly fails to update. Tried two factory resets one before restoring backup and one after restoring backup , same result. Hi Recently my htc one m8 has been loosing alot of charge without any reason for it to do so. When i put it on charge i have to always make sure my phone is turned off and is positioned in a way that it will stay charging.

Hi,yesterday I drop my Samsung galaxy s6 edge into the toilet bowl at night and immediately the phone cannot be on. I tried to put the phone into the rice overnight then when i wake up, i tried to on it but still cannot. What Should i do. Hi, I have and love my Galaxy 4 phone, but I have started having a problem sending or receiving phone calls. The screen says it is dialing but the call does not go through. I have tried having a friend call me and I am not receiving the call.

I have powered off and on the phone, checked with my Straight Talk Account and I am good till the end of November Can you help me? Hello, i have a galaxy s8 plus. Either way… i do not want this service on my phone. I can access it through Messages Settings Chat Any help would be appreciated. My Galaxy S6 has been acting up. It will go black for no reason at all. And does it mean that my phone is about to die for good?

Any suggestions would be helpful. Could you please email me so I can get the answers I might not be able to find the site again. Since an update on my GS7 my texting has messed up! Have tried everything master reset rebooting factory settings! Sir I have tried all the troubleshooting solutions on your website on how to fix Samsung galaxy s6 edge random shutdown, I have taken the device to a technician but the problem still persisted.

The device is running Android 7. After that, I just left it to charge and went out for dinner. But after coming back I realized that my phone was still dead, but occasionally flashing the grey battery icon.

How can I fix this? Why does my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 flash-light flash when it gets an email notification with the Flash Notification setting deactivated box nit checked?

Hello, I have a Huawei Nexus 6p that is stuck on the Google screen. It started when I upgraded to the Android 7. Please help as I have vital information on the device that I cannot just let go now. I have a 2 month old samsung s7 edge. It suddenly stopped working and the screen went black with no indication. I tried following the steps that were mentioned, but nothing is working. There is no physical damage nor did it fall in water.

What should i do? Hi i have s5 it is 2 yrs old its started heating resently if i watch something continuouly for sometime its start heating and when i power on its display is gone. Hi I have an Htc One M8. Two days ago my front camera started vibrating and as soon as I leave the camera it would stop. I went into safe mode, same thing happened. Restarted my phone, nothing. So I finally did a factory reset, which made me loose everything I had on the phone, but the same problems keep appearing.

Did another factory reset, nothing changed. Is this problem fixable or is my phone completely doomed? I just completed an update on galaxy S7 and now I can receive messages and send them. The issue is it states the sending has failed, even though it actually did send it successfully. I have rebooted, but no success. Thank you for any help. Hi I just got an LG G6 and after a couple of hours I tried to change the theme to black and the touchscreen ceased functioning.

A soft reset did not fix the problem however a hard reset fixed the problem momentarily before it stopper working again. I was wondering if this was a software or hardware problem thanks. I own a galaxy s7. Since the update a few days ago, the texts I send spin and state failed — leaving the exclamation point in my messages and notifications.

I have tried taking the sim out, safe mode and factory reset with no luck. Me and my boyfriend both have a galaxy s7 and we both did the system update about 3 days ago and when we send text to each other we get the spinning wheel and a text back saying message fail. But we are getting the messages. Plus it shows a exclamation mark on the text that we just sent.

When sending messages on my Galaxy J3 some of these messages go to schedule message without my changing a thing. How can I stop this. I have this galaxy s5 but it has a black screen I know that it is on because it charges and when I turn it on I can sometimes here the sound and when I turn it on the icons will light up.

I even butt dialed a friend on accident but the screen was still black. Can u please help me figure out a way to fix this problem. My samsung note 4 will turn all the volumns down to zero. I have the lock sceen enabled and it still happens. My moms galaxy s7 edge hasnt been sendin her messages after a phone update a few days ago. She told me she has reset the phone, powered it down, updated it and that she still can no send messages normally. The thing is, once she deletes the message it sends to the intended party or says messaged failed to send as well as still sending.

She can receive messages perfectly fine but can not send them. I have a galaxy s7. I am able to receive incoming texts and do not have the same problem sending a picture message. I do not know what else to try. But if i try a few 20 minuets later the phone will charge, but if i take it out and try again it stoppes charging. If I try with another charger my phone will charge. If I use my charger to charge another phone it will charge. So what can I do? Hello, I have a Galaxy Note 4, which I love in spite of it being an older phone.

A week or so ago, there was a software update, which I did. This is the same SD card that has been in it since I bought it in December of Obviously, it has something to do with the update.

My Samsung Edge7 wont boot or respond to any buttons. Eventually it did fully charge got to the wallpaper [out of focus] but froze then displayed a blank screen. Please how can I fix it.

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Jul 16,  · When you don't need to call that much, or don't want to pay a lot for wireless service, a prepaid calling plan may be just what you need. We break down the options from a dozen carriers. These are the mobile settings for mobiles phones. Just select your Carrier above and it will show you the settings for your Mobile Phone. More functionality will be added into the future and alot of settings are missing but there will be an option to add settings for various mobile networks. Veamos igualmente la configuración APN para los principales operadores de otros países.