Beaglebone: GPIO Programming on ARM Embedded Linux

Old Version for older versions of Linux (<3.8)

Since you are reading this it means that likely somewhere in your company there are machines with internet access. We have not implemented license borrowing in CCS. Meaning that these pins are already high after boot 3V3 applied to board pin. It is not necessary since if CCS cannot contact your license server it will still continue to operate and will just inform you that there is a problem. It can be directly updated in that file. After loading the overlay I get: But for some reason, sometimes it works perfectly fine, and sometimes it gives constant HIGH or constant LOW for like 10 seconds, and then settle to the duty cycle I have set.

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This section is going to walk you through the steps to make sure your development environment is properly configured. If you have taken the http: While some of these steps will not always be necessary in your real work development such as closing your serial consoles they are performed here to make sure that the system is in a known good state.

This section will cover the addition of a template board file and how to verify basic booting of the kernel prior to adding additional device support. In this section you will apply changes that add MMC support and observe the kernel being able to access the MMC device for its root file system. This section will cover adding Ethernet support and verifying that the target device can get an IP address and be accessed over the network. This section will cover adding support for the touchscreen controller and an LCD to the board file.

This functionality has been split into 3 separate steps in the sources which are:. From Texas Instruments Wiki.

This is because since no serverip is set the dhcp command will attempt to download the kernel from the default 0. For technical support please post your questions at http: Please post only comments about the article Sitara Linux Training: Unfortunately there is not a full list of software that can conflict with the SWT library though everything works fine in 'Safe Mode'.

If you are running into this issue, and do not wish to deal with resizing windows all the time, you can try updating the existing SWT library with a newer version that resolves most of the issues:. The newer SWT library will come by default in 4.

Until then, use the above workaround. Linux is supported in CCSv5 and greater. Note that there are several levels to UAC in Windows 7, we recommend turning it completely off.

UAC will block CCS from writing to this folder during operation which will prevent a number of features from working such as the update tool.

CCS will automatically check for updates once a week. You can change the default settings for the check via the preferences dialog. You can also manually check for updates on the help menu.

Updates are cumulative, i. This is so someone can update to the latest CCSv4 release without having to install a bunch of previous patches. Unfortunately as a result the updates are quite large. No this is not a problem. Please click on the Install All button. You can download CCSv4 at this link: Or you can obtain a new copy of the license from www. In this case activate your license according to the instructions in the package.

When you have done that there will be a manage button beside your license entry in myregistered software www. Make sure that you select the entry for your prouduct line item and not your subscription. Click on it and then select the option to upgrade your license. This will result in a CCSv5 license being generated for you. First check the FAQs here. If that does not solve the problem please try the CCS forum. CCS will always display the free license terms when you install.

However when you activate CCS using the activation code that you obtained when you purchased CCS you will be shown and agree to the license terms that match your purchase.

CCS will always display the 30 day evaluation license when you install unless you downloaded the code size limited tools. If you are configured to check out a license from a license server and you take your computer off the network, CCS will continue to function with no limitation. Note that it will indicate in the title bar that it is currently unlicensed since it was unable to get a license from the server, but otherwise functionality will not be limited. It is not using up a floating license when operating this way.

II Click on the following link http: III On this web page find "extending license by 90 days" and you will be prompted to login. Login using your user name and password. To obtain the MAC id of your machines go to command line and type ipconfig —all. VII Finish the process and you will be getting a license file with extension. When generating a node-locked license file you can specify 2 MAC addresses hostids. This allows you to install and run CCS on 2 machines.

The license terms state that you cannot be using them at the same time. The purpose of this is if you have a work and home machine or an extra machine in the lab that you need to install CCS on. If you need to run on multiple machines concurrently you should purchase more licenses or consider a floating license pack.

Then click on the get replacement license link. When you run CCS for the first time it will display the license dialog if it cannot find a license. If this dialog is not displayed this means it found a license of some sort. CCS does the actual validation of the license when you launch a debug session and compares the type of session you are launching with your license type. If you have not provided a license and that dialog is not displayed there could be a few reasons for this:.

CCS is comparing the host ID of your computer with the one that is in your license file and they are not matching. The cause of this could be that the license was created for a different computer, or you made a mistake when typing in the HOST ID when creating your license or if you have multiple network cards in your computer CCS may be looking at the wrong one.

If you go to www. This is called re-hosting. The re-host license option is only available for a limited number of re-hosts. Once those have been used up, it will no longer be available from www. When activating your license you have an option to specify a description for your host ID.

If you leave it blank then you see "Not Used" in the table on www. It is no longer required to renew subscription. For users of one of the free CCS licenses code size limited, time limited, tied to XDS or development kit you can simply download CCSv6 and when you run it for the first time you will be able to generate the equivalent free license for CCSv6.

You will automatically receive a free upgrade to CCS v5 if your subscription was current at the time CCSv5 was released. You can then upgrade your license at www. If your subscription has expired, you have the option paying the cost of renewing your subscription for the period it has expired or to buy CCSv5, whichever is less.

For users of one of the free CCS licenses code size limited, time limited, tied to XDS or development kit you can simply download CCSv5 and when you run it for the first time you will be able to generate the equivalent free license for CCSv5.

In each of these cases you will receive an email from TI with an activation code that you would use to register CCS and generate a license file see licensing section above for details. If you never registered CCSv3.

If your subscription has expired, you have the option paying the cost of renewing your subscription for the period it has expired or to buy CCS v4, whichever is less. Remember that you can download a free evaluation version of CCS v4 that you can try out before making the decision to upgrade.

First, before the transfer can be done the license file must be deleted from the license file directory of the previous user. In the case of floating licenses please include the server name if the server needs to be changed.

If the server is not changing then mention this in the email and just provided the Activation ID and the user you wish to transfer the license from. There is a maximum limit of 2 ownership transfers per year. If you have reached that limit, please go to https: You likely have other products that use FLEXNet licensing installed on your system and one of these products or your IT department is overriding where applications get licenses from.

What you can do is copy your CCS license file. Add a line that looks like this to the top of the file: Make sure that there are no other locations listed in the licenselocation. Note that in CCSv4. The reason for this change is that newer versions of windows do not like applications writing the the program files location. The license system in CCS caches the license that it is using but you can force it to search for a new license by editing the eclipse. You should also edit the licenselocation.

In newer versions of CCS this file is in your user folder. Info on where to find this file is available here. If this variable is set and is pointing to a server or dongle the underlying FLEX library will think that you want to acquire your CCS licenses from that location. There could be a couple reasons for this. The most common is that you are trying to use an MCU license with a device that is not supported by this. Another reason could be that CCS cannot find your license file at all.

To resolve that you can copy your license file into the location defined by this variable. We only do license checks in a couple places. Product startup and on debugger launch. So the network traffic involved is very minimal. Thus you could even use the same license server across different offices. If you require a physical DVD you can order one by emailing ccsv4dvd list.

Since you are reading this it means that likely somewhere in your company there are machines with internet access. What you need to do is get the MAC address physical address of an ethernet card doesn't even need to be connected to a network, just present in the machine that you are going to run CCS on. Take this along with your activation code for CCS to the machine with internet access and go to www.

CCS comes with 12 months of subscription. This is in no way related to your license to use CCS. If you have purchased a CCS license there is no time limit on how long you can use it. Subscription is used to determine if you receive major upgrades v5, v Some mail filters may block the license installation instructions from being delivered.

New Version for newer versions of Linux (3.8.x)

This lab is going to walk you through the process of porting Linux to your custom board. The general flow will be to start with a minimal board file which will start the kernel boot process with a serial console, and then add additional interfaces in . Texas Instrument's training formats include videos, webinars, and in-person seminars. Please note as of Wednesday, August 15th, this wiki has been set to read only. If you are a TI Employee and require Edit ability please contact x from the .