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July 26, I would give 0 stars if I could. Now two month later and I have to almost everyday turn off my internet and restart it to get it to work right. This company is not yet accredited. I have called and was told 3 days ago that someone would be there the day they were told or the next. Since you are allowed to provide cable TV service in Chesapeake by authority of the city, state and federal authorities, I would suggest that you heed what I have stated here or losing only one customer in Chesapeake may be only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, so to speak.

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The error message that was displayed at the time of the block contains information regarding the reason. More details about the various error messages can be found in the Error Codes section. This depends on the reason for the block. The details of the error you encountered are found in the Error Codes section, which contains information on how to request a block be lifted. Protection of our customers and network is paramount.

Therefore, we do not whitelist. See the Feedback Loop section here. Cox currently allows up to 5 simultaneous connections per sending IP address, and up to messages per connection. However, regardless of these limits, Cox may throttle your sending ability based on your sender reputation.

Cox's sending limits and policies are subject to change at any time. Cox will update this website when changes are made. Please find instructions on how to report abuse here. Error Code Details The following is a list of the possible error codes that a sender may encounter.

The request will be reviewed by Cox. Cox has sole discretion whether to unblock the sending IP address. CDRBL The sending IP address has been temporarily blocked by Cox due to exhibiting behavior characteristic of spam The duration of the block may vary depending on reputation and other factors, but will not exceed 24 hours. Inspect message traffic for potential spam, and retry message delivery. Click here for more information and removal instructions from Spamhaus. In online forums and comment boxes, customers complain that issues are rarely resolved and that they experience frequent outages.

If high speeds are worth a few phone calls or some occasional internet downtime, Mediacom is still a solid bet. It does offer a day money-back guarantee, so if you experience any of these common grievances within the first three months, you can cancel your service without contract penalties. Cox fares well when it comes to servicing its customers, winning the J. Power customer satisfaction award for the West region. Its worst score comes from the Cost of Service metric, aligning with what we found on its poorly valued plans.

But, overall, customers are generally more satisfied with Cox than Comcast or Mediacom. The company tends to have reliable service and decent customer interaction, a rarity within the cable internet space. This system extends its wireless farther, eliminates dead zones, and covers your whole home with fast connections. Satellite internet is available nationwide and is usually one of those options.

DSL and cable have pretty varied availability based on state, and fiber-optic internet is the most rare. You first step should be checking which providers service your home. Our tool above can help you find the providers available to your ZIP code. Internet service is sold in speed-based packages, measured in Mbps megabits per second.

Typically, cable internet packages range between 10 Mbps and Mbps and accommodate HD video streaming, online gaming, and file downloading. Keep in mind, these slower speeds usually come at a poorer value. Determining your needs depends on your usage habits. A couple of things play into usage demands, including the number of connected devices and the type of internet activity. Internet speed works kind of like a traffic highway: High-demand usage like video conferencing or real-time gaming requires higher speeds and more monthly data.

Multiple devices streaming HD video simultaneously, real-time gaming, video conferencing Very high use: Multiple devices streaming HD or 4K video simultaneously, large file downloading, real-time gaming, video conferencing. Internet data works similarly to your phone data plans in that you receive a certain allotment of gigabytes GB to "spend" over the course of a month based on your online activity.

Only certain carriers and plans allow tethering, and you need to be aware that using your phone as a hotspot will eat into your data plan. Mobile phone carriers such as Verizon, Cricket, and Sprint offer plans that allow for tethering. When it comes to your internet service provider, you can choose the company you use, much as you choose your mobile phone carrier. This address, which is made up of a series of numbers with periods in between, helps to identify your computer and all of your online activity.

And if your internet speed is too slow, then even simple browsing can become tedious, or you might not even be able to access particular websites. Remember, many ISPs require you to sign a minimum 2-year contract, so make this decision carefully — you could be stuck with your ISP for a while.

Reviews can give you eye-opening information about factors like the reliability, technical support, and overall performance of an ISP that you might not otherwise know about. One of the most important differences between ISPs is the fact that they provide different download and upload speeds.

These speeds have a direct influence on how well you will be able to browse the internet, and may be one of the reasons why your internet is so slow. Internet contracts offered by ISPs are usually staggered by download speed.

Through most of the world, contracts start around 3Mbps and increase from there to speeds of 10Mbps, 20Mbps, 50Mbps, Mbps, Mbps, Mbps, and, in some cities, even to Mbps 1Gbps. Conventional Ethernet cables can support either Mbps or 1 Gbps Mbps speeds. Depending on how fast your internet connection to your ISP is, then either the internet connection or the Ethernet connection could potentially be a bottleneck.

On the other hand, if you pay only for a 50 Mbps connection but you use a gigabit Ethernet cable, the cable will be overkill, because your internet speeds from your ISP are so much slower than what the cable can accommodate.

If your device supports WiFi like most laptops and smartphones, you can connect to the modem wirelessly with WiFi. Either of these connections could slow down your internet speeds. The speed that will work for you depends on many factors, including how you use the internet, the types of sites you access, and how much downloading and uploading that you do.

Speedcheck provides data on both your download and upload speeds, which is valuable information when troubleshooting your internet connection problems. With Speedcheck, testing internet speed takes just a few seconds. If you suspect that your speeds are dropping off during the day, then perform multiple tests.

Speedcheck will record your results, so you can access and review all of them in the future in your history. Download speeds and upload speeds. Download speed refers to how fast your computer is able to download information from the internet. Upload speed, on the other hand, refers to the process of uploading content from your computer to the internet. When you upload a photo, document, or video to a website or email, your upload speeds affect the amount of time that it will take.

Because of this, many ISPs offer packages that feature faster download speeds and slower upload speeds. For instance, if you work with large files, such as videos or photos, and frequently upload large amounts of these files, then you may need a service that offers a faster-than-usual upload speed. Your internet connection has a significant impact on how fast your internet will function.

Remember how we explained that your computer can connect to the internet in a number of different ways? These internet connection types can also affect the speed and functionality of your internet service. Your computer connects to your ISP, and that gives it access to the internet.

Well, if you decide to use a wireless router to create a WiFi signal in your home or business, you add another level of complexity to the setup — and another place where things can go wrong, and you can slow down your internet.

Still, there are plenty of reasons to use a wireless router in your home. Simply put, a wireless router gives you versatility in how you use the internet in your house. Without such a router, you need to connect your computer directly to your modem by using an ethernet cable. With a router, you can connect multiple devices, like your laptop, phone, and a tablet, to the internet at the same time.

Most ISPs offer modems that are also wireless routers, so you may not have to purchase a router if this is the case.

Router speeds are measured in megabits per second Mbps ; the higher the rating, the faster the router. Well, it depends a bit. Buying a router with a significantly low speed can slow your internet connection.

Wireless network devices, like routers, are measured according to technology standards. These standards are identified by the numbers The number and letter combination is used to identify the specific technology that the router uses, and this can indicate the speed range the router is capable of.

The problem can get so bad that your internet barely functions at all. While you might think that your internet speed is just fine, there are other factors that can slow down your internet, leading to performance issues, slow-loading websites, videos buffering for minutes on end, and other potential problems. Slow internet speeds can cause problems with your browsing.

These issues can range from problems that will simply be aggravating, but if the internet speed is truly too slow, then your internet may barely function at all.

If you notice these issues, you can be almost certain that your internet speed is too slow to support your browsing habits. Because there are multiple working parts that create your internet connection, and because there are other factors, like internet speed and website functionality that may play a role, you really need to go through many steps to rule out potential problems.

Maybe the website takes an unusually long time to load, or you receive a message that the website cannot be reached. You can also go to downforeveryoneorjustme. Generally, going to a local office in person gets you faster and sometimes better results than calling into your customer service or technical support department.

Of course, this is only an option if you do have a local office, and if you have the time to make a trip to the office. Whether you end up calling your ISP or going to the office in person, always keep track of your case number. If your internet is down for multiple days, most companies will give you a credit for the downtime, but you may have to ask for it.

Track the days that you are without service, then contact your ISP to request credit for the days. Suspect that the problem lies with your router? Many routers have warranties that may cover their replacement. Unfortunately, there are many small problems that can be difficult to troubleshoot, including:.

An IT expert can come to your home and troubleshoot your connection issues. They can also assess your equipment, make modifications, get you set up correctly, and make suggestions so that you can get the best, most reliable performance out of your home network. When it comes to finding IT support, start by visiting your local computer repair shop.

Then turn to your local business directory or Google for some help. Smaller businesses tend to be more affordable and are more likely to do home visits than larger IT businesses are. Chapter 1 Internet Speed Test

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Stay in the know on the latest Cox Business Internet and Networking technology and products. Cox provides high speed internet, streaming & on-demand TV, home telephone, and smart home security solutions for its residential customers. Get access to fastest digital life with Cox. Error Code: Description: What To Do: CXBL: The sending IP address has been blocked by Cox due to exhibiting spam-like behavior: Submit a request using the contact.