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Dota2.com website not working? Is it down right now?
Want help to translate it to correct portuguese? This tool is only a proof-of-concept, it may be updated in future. When you join a server, open up console and it will say the IP. Moorthy Machendran 31 December at Coming to the local routing issue, you have the same issue as people from MTNL. You can trace-route to the IP and estimate the ping you might get to the server when they are out. What is the IP address of the server cluster?

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This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Ever wanted to play on a server from another region but too afraid if you might get high ping and be the lagger in that game? Well now you can check your ping to all of Dota 2 servers before selecting which Server to Find A Match on. This item has been added to your Favorites. OpTi9 Last Online 20 hrs, 19 mins ago. English , Portuguese , Portuguese Brazil , Russian.

Jan 15, YouTube and wikiHow [wikiHow. OpTi Horrible Portuguese Translation: GO servers went on-line a day before that but nothing was confirmed about Dota2 Servers.

The Dota 2 Servers have been confirmed by Valve during the test client patch on 18th. They were then later found when the patch hit the main client on 21st. The servers shown are "Offline for Maintenance" which indicates that they are going to be out soon. It is Valve we are talking here, with the little amount of communication from their end, it is almost impossible right now to say when is the server going to be live.

Considering the earlier servers took a couple weeks to be added when announced, we can expect them to be out in a week or two. GO servers are up and working, indicates that the work is going on, on these servers. You can trace-route to the IP and estimate the ping you might get to the server when they are out. If you feel its too high, wait for the servers to be out and maybe valve to improve the routing like they mentioned in one of their blog posts or tell your ISP to improve it.

Useful Link for routing and identifying the problem in routing: Do note that this doesn't improve routing, helps you boil down the problem and report to the ISP to fix it. Airtel will give you pings on the higher side but they will always be consistent. I've posted how to do a tracetoute and post the information here. It's still not as good as I hoped for, since the server is in Delhi I expected something around 10 or less.

I guess that's just how routing works in India. Yeah 30 is good enough. Not gonna run around Airtel for this. Here's the tracert since you asked for it earlier. I sort of have another problem I've been having which I hope you can answer. A couple of months back the ping on all of my online games Counter Strike: It fixed itself a couple of weeks ago for 3 days or so but it rose back up.

Any Ideas on how to fix it? I've been with Reliance for almost 3 years. In , my ping to most servers, Indian and international, have been great. I used to get around 80ms on Singapore Dota servers.

Then, the ping got bad after a few months and it rose to around ms. I moved to Chennai for my studies for 2 years and have little clue about the ping then, but when I used to come home for vacations, the ping used to spike, ms on certain days, ms on others. Now I've been back and using Reliance regularly for past 6 months. I get around ms on Singapore server, and ms on the recent Indian servers.

Funny, I get 70ms on Dubai servers. I play CS 1. I would get ms on Indian servers. But it all went downhill from October. The ping went to ms and till today, that's what I get playing on the same server where I got 50ms ping. I even compared my current trace reports to older ones for Dota Sgp server and it showed some changes with rise in latency. So my question is, what should be my next course of action towards fixing this problem.

Is there any way to reduce latency at all? GO too and the latency is the same on these servers. It's such a shame that I get such high pings on national servers. I'm fine with the ping on Singapore server, but I hope it could be reduced. But the high latency on Indian server is not at all acceptable. I have contacted Reliance Customer Care on numerous occasions and they have been unable to help me.

Apparently, they don't understand latency and they consider the connection fine as long as my download speeds are fine. I could avail very little technical help here in Kolkata, I hope you could provide with some suggestions. Sorry about the long post. See the first thing is that your international routing is perfect, considering you are in chennai or south India it could have been a bit better but ms here and there on international routing isn't a lot to cry about.

Coming to the local routing issue, you have the same issue as people from MTNL. What's happening is that data of reliance instead of moving through India is actually going interbational submarine cable via Singapore and then reaching Airtel at Delhi. So its an issue at reliance end. These results are from Kolkata btw. What do you think, is this problem solvable? The people whom you asked to contact, are they technically sound or will they just ask if my download speed is fine?

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Oct 13,  · Dota 2 Server IP Address Since 3 weeks ago, I've been getting a ms~ ping increase across the board from all servers (except SEA). I'd like to know the IP address of the servers so I can troubleshoot the issue with my ISP. IP Addresses of all Dota2 Servers. 42 Comments. Here's a list of IP addresses of Dota2 servers around the globe. IP address for Dota 2 now currently hosting my eClub malaysia and now located in malaysia. not singapore. Reply Delete. Prekshya Marlons 29 October at SERVER-IP-ADDRESS = The Address or IP of the dota 2 server you want to check your ping, Replace it with any of the listed IP Address below. Here are the list of IP and Address of Dota 2 Servers: xlusive.ml - Australia (Sydney).