Astraweb Review

Do the credits expire after a month? Doing this will remove all subscribed newsgroups and downloaded messages and files for that news server. Astraweb Speed Astraweb usenet download speeds are very good. Astraweb offers both unlimited recurring and block plans. Conclusion Astraweb offers a good price and is one of the best value among the Usenet service providers.

Nice anonymity features, variety of payment options, high completion and high speed all indicate Astraweb as a good choice for a Usenet service provider. If you are interested be sure to take advantage of their limited time special pricing. Start Astraweb Free Trial Now. Home Top European Providers.

Astraweb has been around for a long time and they offer a solid Usenet service. Members can purchase a block of Usenet access or an unlimited plan. From there you manually set your newsreader to connect to their servers. The Pay-by-Download plans are designed to give you the freedom to use Usenet when you want, as you want. There are no fixed monthly terms, just pay as you download.

The Pay-by-Download plans include: What Pay-by-Download plans are available? We offer the following plans: Do the credits expire after a month? The credits last forever. This allows you to truly pay only for what you use. What is counted towards my downloads? If you have been able to connect to it in the past, this is the most likely cause. In that case, you need to check with the company that runs the news server.

Typically, the name of the news server has the form news. However, a lot of news servers use other addresses such as news-central. You need to check with your news server company and find out for sure what address to specify.

Some news providers have more than one news server, for example, east. If more than one server is available, try connecting to each one.

One way to check to see if you have a valid address is to get to the Command Prompt in Windows and then type the following command: PING address Where address is the address for the news server. An even better test is to type: If you have a hardware or software firewall program, it may be blocking your access. is intended for personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited. All usage on this server is governed by our Acceptable Use Policy. Failure to comply will result in automatic suspension of your account without refund. Astraweb - - Usenet profile including features, server details and $8 deal. Compare over newsgroup providers. If you are using any one of these names to connect to our servers then please use the settings as listed in the "Current Settings" section. Deprecated Server Addresses: