uninstall windows 7 and reinstall windows 7

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The Startup Repair tool will begin searching through your Windows files, looking for errors. If you need help uninstalling a program in Windows, then feel free to ask about it in our Windows Vista , Windows 7 , or Windows 8 forums. I cannot uninstall IE 9 and IE 11 will not fully install. On laptops, you may be able to find the sticker underneath the device, inside the replaceable battery slot, on the power supply brick, or in a compartment also located underneath the device. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. From here you can purchase and download software. Insert the Windows 7 CD.

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A clean install of Windows is the right way to go when all other software troubleshooting you've tried has been unsuccessful and you want to install or reinstall a "clean" copy of Windows back on your computer. Sep 02,  · If you have trouble activating Windows 7 open the Windows Activation Wizard while in Windows 7 to obtain a phone number to call Microsoft and activate Windows: 1. When you reach the desktop click Start, then in the Search box type: xlusive.ml 4 2. Press Enter on your Keyboard 3. Select your Country. 4. Jan 31,  · Otherwise contact your manufacturer and see if they have a recovery disc to reinstall to factory original. Search for something like stop GWX, there is an app for that and you can stop the process cold.